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Rumor: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs And Release Date (and 3D tidbits)

Northlight Images reports two rumors from two different sources concerning the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Both sources suggest that the release, or at least the announcement, may be a matter of a few months. Let’s see them

  1. EOS 7D Mark II rumored to have a 21MP sensor, 10 fps, Dual Digic 5+, ISO 100-25600, should be announced in February and ship in April
  2. EOS 7D Mark II rumored to have a Digic 6 CPU, a new sensor design with more than 20MP, and to be announced in late spring. The new sensor design said to be featured also on the fabled 3D with >50MP. The 3D set be announced in late 2013-early 2014

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Personally I think that a 21MP sensor with 10fps burst rate could possibly need more CPU power than what is delivered by the Dual Digic 5+.

Btw, Adorama has the Canon EOS 7D discounted at $1199 (click here)

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  • physica

    7d is a good camera if it’s noise performance is improved….my 7d noise performance is unacceptable for me with ISO above 800…..if It’s keep the same performance , It’s still useless even it can burst at 20FPS..

    • Raid

      YES, I agree with you. Over the ISO 800 it is very noisy. Even at 800 or 400 there are noses, but it is easy to fix in Lightroom. Anyhow, I think Canon will address the this. they did with 5D II, III, T4i, T5i.

      If Canon will significant improve the ISO and make it 10fps, 21MP, 31 All across point focus, then the 5D III owner will put 5D III under the hummer :)

  • badboy

    if they use a 21 MP sensor there is very little hope they will use a new smaller manufacturing process for the 7D MK2 sensor.

    because 21 MP seems to be what canon think is the best they can squezze out of the 500nm process for aps-c.

    if they use a new process i would think they go for a 24 megapixel sensor at least.

    i really hope canon will use a 180nm process in 2013.

  • JongJong

    ….10fps burst rate could possibly need more CPU power than what is delivered by the Dual Digic 5+…..

    look at the 1D X.
    i see no reason why the dual digic 5+ should not be fast enough.
    the 1D X is not operating at the maximum performance.

    the shutter performance is the limiting factor in the 1D X not the digic 5+.

  • Sabaki

    I’m super excited about the 7D mkII as this is to be the king of Canon’s crop sensor cameras.

    I’m looking for a high shutter speed feature as this is the camera most wild life enthusiasts want to attach to their telephoto lenses.

    I will not buy this camera if the high ISO/low noise performance is not vastly better than the XXXD bodies. I was disappointed that the original 7D didn’t give vastly improved performance over the 500D.

    Also, I hope Canon will not release this camera with the same sharpness issue of the 1st 7D. The entry level bodies were sharper on default settings.

    And lastly, perhaps a better processor for richer colours. This is the apex crop sensor body. As a potential buyer, I want every facet of this body to out do all other units in this segment.

  • Matt

    I’m really don’t know how people say that the 7dmk1 has sharpness issues and noise over 800iso, my 7d is tack sharp and I can shoot at 3200 iso with good results given the right condition.. If people can’t get good results over 800iso then there not processing images properly in my opinion.. I’m looking forward to what the 7dmk2 can give the market now that the 1dx is full frame which has hurt the market that had the 1dmk4 with the 1.3 crop factor.. This means that they are listening and providing the 7dmk2 for nature, 5dmk3 for landscape / portrait and 1dx for sports.. Good one canon..

    • If you are not seeing any noise quality issues with the 7D then, with all due respect, you have little or no experience with what the standard for a high file quality should be (shooting in jpg doesn’t solve the noise problems with this camera). The 7D is no where near the best camera Canon has made and, in fact, I would say it is probably one of the worst bodies they’ve made, excepting that the camera does excel on the video end. There is significant noise beyond ISO 800, although the files are still usable but ISO 3200 is the absolute limit. This is a very antiquated camera now when you consider that the newer sensors on a camera like the 5D Mark III will shoot clean files in excess of ISO 12000. The files from the 40D were just as good, if not better than the 7D.

      I had one of the early 7D and I can attest to the serious problems that the early cameras had with sharpness and focus. I got rid of that body a couple years ago. After the recent price drop I decided to give it another shot and bought a new recently manufactured body. While it appeared that the sharpness issues had been resolved, for the most part, even the newer makes are mostly unimpressive. Focus on this camera when tracking moving subjects is still sub-par. When shooting a typical sporting event it is not uncommon to get a 50% in-focus burst even when the subject is moving toward you (as opposed to moving across the plane). The center point focus is really the only one that is usable for moving subjects as none of the other focus setting can produce consistently in-focus shots of moving subjects. Contrary to what some have proclaimed, the focus system is not so advanced that is difficult for the user to find the right settings, it is just that this camera’s focusing system is simply not very good for moving subjects. In fact, I found that the 9-point focus system on the 40d and 5DmkII, respectively, were just about as good as the 70d’s for moving objects. Of course, neither of those cameras fps are close to the 7D’s.

      This camera has probably been Canon’s most hyped body and for those that had the mistaken impression (like me) that is was a viable and dependable backup to your 1D series camera it has been a complete bust. If you think this is a great body then that’s fine since it is your opinion but I really think the only person that could objectively say that this is a great camera is someone that has never shot with a higher performance camera. I would take a used 1DmkII over this camera every day of the week.

      That being said, Canon is producing some amazing camera now, such as the 5DmkIII, which is worth every penny in my opinion. It’s a little slow in fps for some sports action but given that the focusing system is incredibly good I would say that I get many more in-focus shots from it then with 7D and almost as many than with the 1DmkIV, even though that camera shoots almost twice as many fps.

      Let’s hope that Canon does not release the 7dmkII with all of the noise problems the 7D has. If it’s a 1.6x crop then you can’t expect it to be as good as a 5D or 1D but it has to be significantly improved in relation to original 7D or I can’t buy it. Given that the 1D cameras have all gone to “full crop” senors my suggestion to Canon would be to adopt the 1.3x cropped used in the previous 1Ds.

      Also, Canon really has got to step up their releases on new cameras. It is really annoying watching Nikon releases all of these new bodies and Canon still having cameras on that market that are 3.5+ years old (7D) and nearly 3 years old (60D). Given current technology advances these camera are well out dated. If the 7D is able to adopt the focus system of the 5DmkIII and at least borrow some of the clean file technology up to, say ISO 8000, then this camera will be a winner, if not, the 7dII will be every bit the dog that the 7d is for more advance and professional shooters (my apologies to dogs for the insult).

  • James Pugh

    I’m reading on here to check out the news and rumors of the upcoming 7D Mark ii and I very surprised by a few of you guys remarks toward the ISO on the 7D. Now granted it’s not the amazing quality of the 1D Mark 4 or 5’s but I shoot ALLLOOTTTTT of low light sports in gyms and football fields and the 7D is really good all the way to about 4000 iso and even 5000 is some places, expect in college basketball and football arena’s. But I do hope the Mark 2 will be a improvement because I cant afford the Mark 4 or 5 as bad as I wish I could!

  • Jeff

    1D mark 5? WOW! I wish I could afford it too! ?????????????????????

  • Kaminobatto

    Let’s clear one thing, I bought a 5DMKII and a 7D, I am by no means a professional photographer but I have very noise-sensitive eyes. The 5DMKII does not have impressive high ISO performance in the dark and I find ISO 800 to 1000 to be the maximum acceptable limit depending on the situation. I was very disappointed with the 7D because noise become very noticeable in the dark around ISO 800 and I find it unusable, the max I would go with an existing 7D is 600 (with reservations of course)and the maximum optimal around 400. I expect the 7DMKII to have the edge over the 7D with at least 2 stops if not, it’s just not worth buying!

  • Francky4

    –> with the 7D because noise become very noticeable in the dark around ISO 800 and I find it unusable.

    –> the 7D is really good all the way to about 4000 iso and even 5000 is some places

    Do you shoot in RAW format ?
    DxO (or other) does a very good job to decrease noise on pictures, even at 3200 isos !


  • Rejeklie

    I agree with the poor noise quality on the 7D. Coming from a Nikon set and “upgrading” to a 7D I actually took it back to the shop the first week for repairs/replacement since I assumed something was wrong with my copy due to the noise.

    Yes, I guess a lot of postprocessing RAW format could minimize the noise but for quick shooting I just use JPG (highest Q) and then anything above (or even on) 800 is very clearly visible. The shop told me that my camera was just fine and performing as expected!! MY older (and cheaper) Nikon, while having a lower maximum ISO, is arms and legs better performer. High ISO is quite pointless if only can use it for “artistic effect”.

    I will be very careful in evaluating the noise, if, I ever consider upgrading to MKII

  • yzf

    Bla bla bla . . .
    Oh the noise . . .
    Bla bla bla . . .
    The 7D is the best camera that Canon has produced.
    Extremely responsive, with very little latency.
    Extremely effective with moving subjects.
    Very detailed picture with L lenses.
    If you want to take pictures at night, you can try a thermographic camera…

  • Lars Åke

    Well if you guys shoot to JPG I cant really comment on if there are noise issues or not. I havent even looked at the JPGs so far after owning a mk1 almost 2 years. I take 100% RAW and I have no noticeable issues with noise around 600.

  • Do we really need more megapixels? What we do need is better video quality, Better quality audio with the ability to record in full studio quality like others do.

  • Omar Spence

    With the right post processing I can get cleam images from my 550D at ISO3200. It is plainly obvious that shooting in low light requires a different approach in post in order to produce good results. Once the light gets dim there is no quick & easy, forget the JPEG, forget any lens slower than F/2.8. You will need more serious noise removal tools. G’MIC for Gimp is the best I’ve seen so far. It is very slow but very good. JPG is not for anyone who is serious anout what they are doing, but then a shoddy workman always blames his tools.

  • Laim

    I’d like to know what metering system is ; a new RGB sensor like 1DX or just an old one like 5d3 /7d.

  • Mike3

    The APS-c sensor size is the key to the low iso performance. If you can’t understand and accept this I have to say you didn’t ever make a single shoot with a full frame or a APS-H camera. All of the APS-c cameras are just cheap toys made for hobby photographers. They are financial question on the market! (like the Porsche Cayenne for example) No doubt the 7D m2 will have the same low noise performance as the actual body.
    My 5D is making usable shots at ISO3200 but needs noise reduction while editing. This value is 6400 with my 1D. The max ISO what can be used on an APS-C body is 400.

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