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Rumor: Canon’s 2013 Roadmap (Lenses, New Rebel, EOS 70D, High Res DSLR)

One of my sources informed me about Canon's 2013 roadmap. The source is reliable, was right in the past. So, here comes the rumor:

  • New EOS video lenses before the end of January 2013. No hints about specs or focal lengths
  • New EOS-M lenses in Q1 (February-March). The source was referring to prime lenses, possibly a 35mm or 50mm faster than f/3.5 (f/2.8 was suggested), could have image stabilization.
  • At least two new DSLRs before March 2013. One being a new Rebel, the other most probably the EOS 70D
  • And finally: the rumored high megapixel DSLR (at least 46MP) could be announced during Q3. Unfortunately no specs here, except that it will have 6fps, and a newly designed sensor with very good low ISO performance. No hints about the name, but it will not have the “D” in the name. It's said to be something “very new” and specifically aimed at studio photography. Prototypes already undergoing tests.

My take: sounds all plausible. Unfortunately, without specifications it's hard to get an idea. Moreover, translation was difficult and I can't be sure something didn't get lost in translation. Nevertheless:

  • Canon will most probably announce some more lenses for the EOS-M mount. At least they should, imo.
  • The EOS 60D is definitely due to be replaced by an EOS 70D. I think this is the most reliable of the rumors listed above
  • The high resolution DSLR was already rumored in the past. The only new spec (6fps) is credible. The previous rumor was about 10fps, which sounds weird to me. A 10 fps camera with 46MP needs lots of processing power, and a very performing hardware. 6fps are more close to what is feasible with a 46MP sensor.


  • leo

    Guess I’ll just be a little bit patient and wait for the 70D rather than upgrading my being repaired 50D with 60D, not so much improvement while I can’t afford 7D at the moment in exchange of good lens.

    • EOS 60D is a downgrade of EOS 50D. Because as a pure DSLR; 60D is much inferior to 50D. In the grey market; 50D costs $ 125 more than 60D.

  • Bob B.

    or…you could wait for Canon’s big megapixel offering…let’s see..with the recent post-tsunami pricing that Canon has adopted…that camera should be about $10,000. No? LOL!

  • Michael

    I don’t get the “new Rebel” part.

    The T4i was just released June 6th. Are they talking about a replacement for that?

    I suppose it might make sense if they want to test out the new sensor on the lower end before the full frame. But that is a lot of churn for their entry level. Maybe something even lower priced to compete with the D3200? Or push the T4i down, then bring in a higher priced body?

    But isn’t that the 70D? I don’t get this part.

    The Cinema lenses will be higher quality STM than we have. Maybe a 24-105 STM replacement? That is a very popular lens on the C300.

    • Admin

      Michael, I understand what you mean. All I can say is that the source insisted on a new Rebel (I had the same concerns). But a possible new Rebel has nothing to do with the 70D. That’s another line-up.

      • Ricardo

        Probably a replacement for the 1100D (T3).

    • 50% more battrey 50% more battrey life, and live view you just got it for nothing if you use live view it just requires 50% more battrey , in fact you have the same battrey life because live view takes alot of battrey

  • I’m curious if s 46mpix full frame camera will make sens in a studio. Diffraction blur will be an issue I guess. F11 and above is pretty normal there. What do you guys think?

  • Come on Canon go ahead and release the EOS 70D. Don’t get scared by the mirrorless toys; those won’t allure away the prosumers familiar with gems like 40D and 50D.

    At present enthusiast action shooters with 50D and 7D are out of options. So, act quickly before they get frustrated.

    • S

      Agreed. I am waiting on a 70D myself. A 7D mark II will probably be out of my budget as I am willing to spend no more than $1200-$1400 for a body. Currently the 60D and 7D are too outdated for me.

  • Ok Canon, pack 500 megapixels on a crop sensor if you want in order to please the non-photogs. But enthusiasts want noise-free images for sure. Or else, they will simply dump it.

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