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[Rumor] New EOS 70D And 3D Tidbits From Japan (Update – Illustrations and Specs)

Update: Thanks to an anonymous reader we are able to show you a pic of the magazine. And some translated specs too:

Canon EOS-3D
  • 30+ megapixels, 1D-class body
  • 61-point AF system, major functions same as 1DX
  • Equipped with flash (or speedlite transmitter)
  • Perhaps equipped with the first 4K movie recording function?
  • Dual Digic5+ processors for 6 FPS
Canon EOS 70D
  • Compact Body with better AF and continuous shooting than EOS 7D
  • 22MP and DIGIC5+
  • 19-point AF
  • 6 FPS
  • Update: our reader Positron (thanks!) suggests the title is saying also:
    • Vari-angle display
    • Magnesium body
    • Photo/Video live view modes
    • AFMA

Japanese photographic magazine CAPA, well known for reliable predictions in the past, published some specifications (and illustrations) of the EOS 70D and EOS 3D (according to this post). The reported spec for the 70D are fps, Digic 5, 19 points AF system (the same as the EOS 7D?). No specs for the EOS 3D, except that it is expected to be a full-frame camera. Unfortunately no images were provided in the post.

Following the post, there should be illustrations/drawings published in CAPA. Can anyone of our Japanese readers here send me some images from the magazine? Or help translate the text? Thanks in advance!

Check the live-ticker below for possible EOS 60D deals.

  • grumps

    At this point in time, Canon would be better suited to provide a Camera that shoot at 50MP+. Yeah, I know a lot of MPs right, but that’s the point of a high MP camera! Why provide us something that is the same or similar to Nikon. Other wise 22MP from the 5D Mark III is enough!

    Of course lens might be pushed to their limits, but then again not, we may all be surprised!

    • janH

      spoken like a real cluessless noob….

  • grumps

    Another thing I hope is that it will have a fast shutter. Unlike the 5Ds, 1/250 seems to be the max, and despite hyper-sync with pocket wizards, you cannot really go much faster with studio or battery strobes. Sure the speedlites have HSS, but it’s useless if I need to connect 15 of them to get the same power as a studio strobe!

    Another limitation is the lack of AF assist in low lighting. I mean isn’t that the point of using high ISO, so that you can focus in low lighting. Another limitation with speedlites is that AF- assist lamp only works with single shot and not AI servo mode.

    • Alex-L

      I’m not sure why you want faster sync-speen then 1/250 ?
      To freeze a moving object the flash duration time (t1 respectively t5) is the important value. If you shoot outside in the sun you should use sunbouncers to have enoogh light on the object or ND gels to reduce the light to get lower than 1/250.
      On professional sight there is no really cause to have an higher sync-speed than 1/250.

      • Udi

        You need fast shutter to shoot wide open with fast primes such 135 f/3 in daylight

  • Kevin P

    If you look at the graphic, other than the 70D title it is saying 7D..

    • MrJimmy

      If you shoot at 2.8 or so out side in sun light and want fill flash on the face your will need HSS the better flash unites have this on them 1/2500 or so and to mantain the out of focus back round. If you dont have a flash with HSS then you have to go to F/11 or so. and you will not kill the backround. your camera may only go 1/250 or 1/200 so just buy a flash with HSS in it.

    • grumps

      Alex-L: Shooting is the sun is one thing, and freezing motion is another. You need at least 1/1000 and faster to freeze somewhat fast motion, with no blur.
      Leaf shutters are able to this, and even the Nikon D300 with pocket wizards and Elinchrom Rangers can shoot up to these speeds with no black banding. Even the Fuji X100 with its leaf shutter can shoot as fast if I remember correctly, unfortunately without the flash power behind it, but it can.

      I understand you saying “flash duration” is the most important aspect, unfortunately, even many expensive strobes cannot sync with the camera to produce this. A faster shutter can. It’s also like camera producing high ISO cameras which cannot focus well in exactly those situations which it should be used!

    • Richard

      Kevin P: “If you look at the graphic, other than the 70D title it is saying 7D..”

      And if you could read Japanese you’d know it’s saying “same as 7D” in every instance.

  • Positron

    From the posted article:

    22 MP
    Same 19 point AF system as 7D
    6 FPS
    Vari-angle display
    Magnesium body
    Photo/video live view modes

  • lenslet

    Hi from Japan :-)

    This camera and photography magazine CAPA is indeed a popular one in Japan but this article you picked here is nothing more than a speculation, though based on the past track record and tendency of CANON and also on the editor’s hope and desire.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this speculation would turn out to have had some truth in it but it can also be just a wild guess.

    • Frank

      Thank you lenslet! You are right: these are rumors and speculations, although I think they may not be too far from what Canon is planning.

  • Roman

    Oh please, stop these “vari-angel” displays. I want to get a serious semi-pro camera. And such a camera needs a display that does not break off if you hit something.

    Does somebody know something about the 70D’s connection to the remote-control. Can the old D30/D60/10D/20D/30D/40D/50D/7D etc. cables be used? Or does it has the “rebel” jack similar to the 60D? What about CF cards?

  • Jack

    I work at a camera repair shop and never once have I seen a broken vari angle screen. Infant, these screens tend to be more durable because they can flip around and protect the screen.

  • db

    In addition to mentioning the 7D it also says “Grodzilla is coming!!”

  • Digital Works

    the specs for the 70D are ridiculous. All they’ve done is upgrade the chip. Now if they’d make bodies than are modular and removable with ease so the chip replacement can be done by a child with an average IQ it would sound silly. There will be no replacement for the 60D as it got lost in the shuffle. The 7D mark 2 will be priced more or less than the current 6D so between 1899 and 2499 making it easy to overlook the 6D and it’s 1/4000 and 9AF one cross type. That’s a joke of a FF. The 7D will be a 5D3 with crop sensor and 24 meg.

  • Dann warten wir mal ab :-)

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