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About Canonwatch

Welcome on board! It started as a hobby, just for fun, bringing information and news about Canon and the world of photography. CanonWatch collects news, rumors, reviews and deals about Canon digital cameras, lenses and gear. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information about everything related to photography and to Canon. However, the website is independent from Canon and is maintained by a private person (me). A few things to know about CanonWatch:

  • Unlike other much bigger websites, Canon Watch doesn’t accept paid advertising from companies, nor are we in any way affiliated with Canon or other companies.
  • Unlike other bigger websites, Canon Watch is 100% independent. No company will ever have the possibillity to influence editorial decisions.
  • This is not a professional website. I am a non-native English speaker. Hence, my posts may have some linguistic glitches, sometimes errors. Feel free to correct me.
  • I am using my spare time to work on Canon Watch. So please understand that I can’t answer all your emails, and that sometimes I could miss some news, or that I may not post news as quickly as you may expect.
  • Canon Watch keeps the presence of advertising banners at a minimum.
  • To cover the monthly server costs (+ other occasional costs) I ask you to purchase your products trough our affiliate links (Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay, Pixmania etc.). I will get a small commission from your purchase and you WON’T PAY ANYTHING MORE! Thanks, it’s the way I can pay the bills at the end of the month.

About me

I am the only one writing  on CanonWatch. I started this website because I was interested in collecting news about Canon gear and the EOS system. That’s why I made a website on my own: to collect news and share them with others. It was a (pleasant) surprise to see that so many of you are interested in my website. As I said I am not a native English speaker. I speak two languages perfectly, and I hope my English will become better. I work in the ITC domain, and previously I was as teacher and researcher. Most of the time I write on CanonWatch while being on the road, or sitting in some Internet point, or wherever it happens (using my mobile phone to access the Internet).


Please respect anyone. That’s the first and only rule. In other words: please do not offend other visitors. All comments and critics are welcome and will be published. Comments containing insults, or that are offending other people will not be published, or will be deleted if they go through my first checks. This is really the only thing I ask you: be polite and respectful.

Send rumors to CanonWatch

There are a few things you should know if you want to become a source:

  1. Use the contact form to contact me.  You can avoid to send me your real name and email address. The IP address won’t be stored, so it’s impossible for me to know who you are. Anyway it would be nice if you can use some kind of nickname. That’s the only way for me to know if you are a known and trusted, or a new source.
  2. You can contact me at canonwatch[at] Please use a fake gmail (or other email) account.
  3. I am not related to any company
  4. I usually try to double check rumors so don’t expect me to post your rumor minutes after I received it

How to help and support CanonWatch.

Feel free to send me interesting news and rumors you found on the Web. It really helps me not to miss  important news, and saves a lot of time spent searching the latest news :). I have some costs to maintain this site (and to make it work smoothly). There are also some extraordinary expenses for design changes and technical work. Hence, I really would appreciate if you could use the affiliate links to purchase any products you want. For example: If you click on the EOS 5D Mark III Amazon link and buy the 5D Mark III, or any other Amazon product (yes also books, bicycles, underwear, shoes, or whatever) I will earn a small commission and you WON’T pay any penny more for the items you bought! You will do your business as usual, on the same well known and trusted sites, you will not pay more, and I get a small commission. It’s the best way to:

  1. Support CanonWatch without sending me a single penny/cent
  2. Keep advertising banners at a minimum
  3. Keep this website indipendent from the direct or indirect influence of big companies. Usually other photo related websites are owned by companies or do get paid for posting articles or advertising. Not this site.

Have fun!

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