New Canon EOS Webcam Utility Released, Windows Version Now Out Of Beta

Eos Webcam Utility

Canon released a new version of their EOS Webcam Utility. The EOS Webcam Utillity allows you to use your Canon DSLR or MILC as a webcam.

To download the full production version of the EOS Webcam Utility software for Windows and learn how to use it, visit If you have previously downloaded the EOS Webcam Utility Beta version, please make sure to uninstall it prior to installation of the full production version.

Canon press release:

Direct from Canon Customers, The Next Chapter in the EOS Webcam Utility Software Story has Arrived with the Launch of the Full Production Version for Windows

New Version Adds More Compatible Canon EOS Cameras to the Solution and Expands to Global Usage

MELVILLE, NY, September 16, 2020It has been a whirlwind the last few months in the world of EOS Webcam Utility software. With over 700,000 downloads after launching the beta version of the software in April, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has helped people stay connected with high quality video for communication with ease of use. And today, the company unveils the full production version of the EOS Webcam Utility software for Windows. The full production version expands to include additional compatible EOS Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC) such as the new EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras. In addition, the new software will be available worldwide and available for download directly from the Canon website in each region.

A common thread and conversation throughout the beta software forums was the compatibility of camera models. Many customers were excited to experience the beta version of EOS Webcam Utility software and wanted the list of 25 cameras that were compatible to be more extensive. In true Canon fashion – those voices have been heard loud and clear – now, a total of 42 EOS ILC and PowerShot cameras are compatible with the full production software, including the new EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras. The complete list of compatible cameras includes:

Mark III
EOS 6DEOS Rebel T7iEOS Rebel T6EOS M6 Mark II
Mark II
EOS 7D Mark IIEOS Rebel T6sEOS Rebel T5EOS M50
EOS-1D XEOS 7DEOS Rebel T6iEOS Rebel T3EOS M200
EOS-1D CEOS 90DEOS Rebel T5iEOS Rebel T100PowerShot G5X Mark II
EOS 5DS REOS 80DEOS Rebel T3iEOS R5PowerShot G7X Mark III
EOS 5DSEOS 77DEOS Rebel SL3EOS R6PowerShot SX70 HS
EOS 6D Mark IIEOS Rebel T8iEOS Rebel T7EOS RP

Another common conversation theme within the beta software forums was compatibility with third-party applications. As of announcement day, the new production version of the software has been tested* with various video conferencing applications** as well as streaming applications including:

Cisco Webex®MessengerStreamlabs
DiscordMicrosoft TeamsYouTube Live
Facebook LiveOpen Broadcaster Software®️Zoom
Hangouts Meet™Slack 

Moreover, customers have desired to record a high-quality video file onto the memory card in their camera while video conferencing or streaming, and we listened. This can now be achieved*** by simply pressing the record button on the camera and not through the software.

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Friday Hacker Blogging: digiKam 7.1 Released, Fully Supports Canon CR3 Format

Digikam 7.1

The open source and free software digiKam 7.1 has been released. Full support for the Canon CR3 format has been added.

Release notes for digiKam 7.1 are here.

When you buy an expensive camera, such as the latest Canon devices, you should expect the image provided to be seriously pre-processed by the camera firmware and ready to use immediately. This is true for JPEG, but not RAW files, where the format changes for every new camera released, as it depends on the camera’s sensor data. This is also the case for the Canon CR3: the RAW format produced by this camera has required intensive reverse-engineering that the digiKam team cannot always support well. This is why we use the powerful Libraw library to post-process the RAW files on the computer. This library includes complex algorithms to support all kinds of different RAW file formats, including the Canon CR3.

You can download digiKam 7.1 for 64-bit or 32-bit systems from their website.

As usual you can use this post to discuss about whatever you want.

Save 30% On DxO Nik Collection 3 ($99 for limited time, reg. $149)

Nik Collection 3 Photo Editing Software

DxO Nik Collection 3 is currently discounted by 30%.

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Nik Collection 3 won an EISA award for “Best Product” in the photo software category:

Nik Collection 3 by DxO is a suite of eight powerful photo-editing plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and DxO PhotoLab, that helps photographers take their images to the next level. Together the plug-ins allow a wide range of effects to be applied quickly and easily to images, such as great black & white conversions, attractive colour adjustments and creative treatments, and new in this version, comprehensive geometric corrections. A new non-destructive mode allows you to export images as TIFF files and tweak your edits, while keeping your original images safe and your adjustments reversible.

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Nik Collection 3 is an awesome photo editing software. The video below tells you more.

Skylum Announces LuminarAI, A Novel Way To Edit Photos With Artificial Intelligence


Skylum announced LuminarAI, the “first image editor fully powered by artificial Intelligence“. If you want you can preorder LuninarAI at the special price of $69 (limited time). Learn more about LuminarAI here.

Press release:

Skylum aims to reinvent traditional photo editing, announces LuminarAI

LuminarAI empowers visual communicators to make great photos with unique AI. Everyone can create amazing images faster while having fun.

NEW YORK, NY – September 3, 2020​ —​ ​This morning, Skylum unveiled a revolutionary approach to photoediting, LuminarA​I​.​​ Unlike other photo editors that takea time-consuming approach based on tools, LuminarA​I ​focuses on results. This revolutionary application and plug-in will be released this holiday season.

LuminarA​I makes complex editing easier than ever before thanks to unique AI-powered tools. LuminarA​I removes boring and complex tasks without sacrificing professional quality. Artificial intelligence lets the visual artist focus on results and not the process. Everyone can make amazing photos free of complexity, yet full of creativity, thanks to artificial intelligence.“

LuminarA​I​ will bring an entirely new,non-conventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process,” said D​ima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum​. “We’ve designed LuminarA​I​from the ground up to change how people interact with their images. We’re really excited to see what Luminar​AI​ can do for creatives everywhere.”

LuminarA​I is designed for visual communicators, every day people and professional photographers alike. It’s made for those who rely on pictures to communicate their important messages and grow their opportunities or reputation: Bloggers, entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, small and medium-sized businesses, and many others. It lets everyone tell their story with rich and expressive images like never before. With LuminarA​I everyone can make amazing images in an efficient way.

Artificial intelligence is the core of LuminarA​I

Compared to traditional image editors, LuminarA​I​offers acompletely different approach. Built from the ground up to leverage artificial intelligence, LuminarA​I ​simplifies complex tasks and removes boring manual work.

Portraits take on new life​.

  • Use​ BodyA​I ​and ​FaceA​I ​to gently sculpt and refine a portrait.
  • Create eyes that are rich and expressive with ​IrisA​I​.
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with ​SkinA​I​.

Landscape photography has never looked better.

  • Add depth and detail to skies with ​AtmosphereA​I ​and SkyEnhancer​.
  • Transform a photo and add an all-new sky in seconds with​ SkyAI
  • Bring warmth with ​Golden Hour​ or even enhance the sun with ​Sunrays.​

Professional finishing with less hassle.

  • Looking for more detail and texture? Then​ StructureA​I​ is the perfect addition.
  • Get the perfect crop with​ CompositionA​I ​and fix crooked images
  • With AccentA​I​, a photo has perfect exposure and color.

With LuminarA​I​, amazing photos are just two clicks away.

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Giveaway: Win A Macpaw Gemini 2 License, Find Duplicate And Similar Photos

Macpaw Gemini 2

If you have a large photo library chances are good you have plenty of duplicate or similar files. Ever wondered how to find them? MacPaw Gemini 2 is what you need.

MacPaw Gemini 2 does exactly that: it finds duplicate and similar files on your hard disk or storage medium. And it’s very fast in doing it. Gemini 2 can not just find photos, it can scan through all sort of files, like documents, movies, and music files. Duplicate files might hide there too. Gemini 2’s interface is as easy it can get. Gemini 2 runs only on a Mac.

Gemini 2 interface – as simple as it can get

Macpaw Gemini 2 sells at $19.95 (trail version available), but we give you the opportunity to try your luck and win one out of five licenses. Use the widget below and remember: the more points you gain the more chances you have to win a license.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I used Gemini 2 on my library of over 40,000 photos and it was surprisingly quick to go through it. Nothing to blame on the accuracy either. You can review the list of duplicate files and will see that Gemini 2 is on spot. However, if you have photos in both JPG and raw format and selected the “similar files” option in settings, then Gemini 2 will list the raw/JPG couples as similar files. If you have a lot of raw/JPG couples then you might deactivate this setting.

The video below gives a quick overview on Gemini 2, a more detailed review is here. In my opinion it’s a simple and very effective and accurate utility.

Get MacPaw Gemini 2 at $19.95.

Free Luminar 4.3 Update Released (and you can get Luminar at $57 instead of $89)

Luminar 4

Skylum released a free update to its award winning photo editing software, Luminar 4.3. Luminar 4 has become the main hub for all photos downloaded to my computer. I quit Lightroom because I couldn’t get along with the forced subscription.

You can get $10 off the price of Luminar 4 by using our code WATCH at checkout. And since there is still a promotion going on, plus our discount, Luminar 4 is yours at $57 (instead of $89) and you get a lot of bonus items too. Don’t forget to apply the code.

Skylum press release:

Luminar brings search, user experience improvements, 500px integration in the latest update

Luminar 4.3 adds a new crop interface, faster Looks experience, photo search, sharing through 500px, and performance improvements.

NEW YORK, NY -July 14, 2020—Today, Skylum released the latest update for Luminar, version 4.3, focusing on enhancing the overall experience for creatives through several refinements and performance improvements.

“With its vast AI-centric features, Luminar 4 has become a state-of-the-art program for photographers and other creatives,” said Dima Sytnik, Co-Founder and CTO of Skylum. “With Luminar 4.3, we continue to optimize the user experience and focus on performance. We know that, with this update, post-processing workflows will become faster and will help photographers be able to get started quicker and easier than ever before.”

Available as a free update for all current Luminar 4 users, the latest update adds the ability to search photos, a user experience improvement to Looks, 500px integration, a new crop interface, and several performance improvements. It also brings a new space shuttle object, along with several improvements, for the AI Augmented Sky too.

Luminar 3 users will also see the search function added in the program’s next update.

Photo search

With the new Search tool, photographers can find images in their library with ease. Search lets photographers find photos by name, folder, date, or extension, allowing for quick management of photos.

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