Here It Is: NIK Collection 7 Has Been Released (faster, smoother, better)

Nik Collection 7

One of my favourite photo editing tools got a significant update.

DxO released NIK Collection 7, click here for more information and to download a trial version.

Price and availability: Nik Collection 7 upgrade is £79 €89 $89, Nik Collection 7 full version is £145 €159 $159

Here is the press release:

Nik Collection 7 by DxO, with a New Faster and Smoother Workflow

Paris (France): DxO Labs, the company that is standing at the forefront of photo editing technology, presents the latest edition of Nik Collection, the photo editing suite of seven premium applications which, extend the capabilities of programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, and DxO PhotoLab.

“Nik Collection exists to accelerate visual creativity in any photography workflow. With version 7, not only have we maximised performance, but we’ve introduced new selection tools that deliver a remarkable level of control,” Boris Oliviero, Product Director.

New Options for Nik Color Efex

  • Nik Color Efex now features an extended HSL filter for extending colour range selections. complete with a new Vibrancy slider.
  • Dynamic Filters enables you to stack and reorder filters and even create local adjustments.
  • Access Nik Viveza plugins as filters from within Nik Color Efex introducing a fluid and simplified workflow.

U Point Local Adjustments now have Powerful New Adjustment Tools

Nik Collection’s signature U Point technology gets three new tools to give users outstanding precision when making selections for local adjustments.

  • The new Polygonal Tool allows photographers to quickly select irregular shapes.
  • Control Points can now be modified into any elliptical form.
  • Luminosity Masks can be used for accurate and faster selections by targeting levels of brightness.

Work Faster with Speed Upgrades

  • Images now launch up to 30% faster, enabling a more efficient workflow.
  • New Switch To, feature enables you to seamlessly move between plugins.
  • Quick Export lets you output images without leaving the plugin or app, allowing you to make fast comparisons of image versions.
  • New look and functionality for the library with a Quick Search tool and the ability to organise users presets and filters for faster access.

Other Changes

Nik Perspective has been removed from Nik Collection 7. With parallel installation, owners of Nik Collection 6.3 will still be able to continue to use Nik Perspective.

Excire Foto 2024 Update Released

Excire Photo 2024

Excire Photo 2024, an AI-powered photo management software got an important update. You can try out Excire Photo 2024 for free.

Press release:

Excire Foto 2024 Update Adds Timesaving Features and Improved Search Functionality
PRC’s Revolutionary Photo-Organizing Software Receives Major Enhancements in Free April 2024 Update

Lübeck, Germany – April 23rd, 2024 – PRC, the AI company behind the award-winning Excire software, has today unveiled a major update to its flagship program, Excire Foto 2024.
Known for its futuristic image-management tools – including a prompt-search AI that allows users to instantly retrieve images by inputting text descriptions and an X-tetics AI that intelligently rates each image based on its aesthetic qualities – Excire Foto 2024 has propelled photographers into a new era of image organization. Now, thanks to enhancements included in the April 2024 update, Excire makes it easier than ever to find, cull, and catalog images so photographers can spend less time behind the computer and more time on their craft.

Improvements to Excire Foto 2024 include:

  • New filters to sort and locate images more effectively (including an option to identify files that have not yet been analyzed by the program)
  • Refinements to the Find by Keyword search selectors; users can now apply OR and NOT operations for increased precision when searching
  • Extension of the text-search feature to selectable metadata so users can locate images from the file path, file description, file headline, and more
  • Additional keywording features, including the option to select, copy, and paste a subset of keywords; drag-and-drop functionality when assigning keywords to photos; and automatic copying of keywords to the clipboard when performing keyword copy-paste operations
  • Significant enhancements for a more streamlined duplicate-search workflow, including a duplicate statistics dialog with intuitive flagging functionality; the option to exclude photo sequences from the AI-powered Find Duplicates search; and the option to select the first photo of each duplicate-search-result cluster to save time when cleaning up folders

Smaller upgrades include:

  • The option to change the loading behavior for lens model metadata
  • An “Invert selection” menu option
  • Keyword tree multiselection
  • A “Manage profiles” option in the “Renaming Profiles” dialog
  • Minor bug fixes, design changes, and improvements

Importantly, the update resets the 14-day trial period. Photographers who previously tested – but did not purchase – Excire Foto 2024 can once again download a 14-day trial of the program and evaluate the software’s updated features.
For customers who already own a copy of Excire Foto 2024, the April 2024 update is complimentary. Users will be prompted to download the update package upon launching Excire Foto 2024. It is recommended that users make a catalog backup before installing the new software.

Save 20% On New Topaz Labs Gigapixel 7 (upscale image resolution)

Gigapixel 7

Lasting this week, you can save $20 on the new Topaz Labs Gigapixel 7, on sale at $79 (reg. $99).

Upscale and enhance quickly right on your desktop. Use easy batch processing to optimize your workflows.

More than five years of advanced AI training has made Gigapixel 7 best-in-class.

Gigapixel 7 is faster than ever and optimized for your machine.

Learn more about Gigapixel 7 in the video below.

Topaz Labs Released Brand New Photo AI 2.4

Topaz Photo AI

A new version of the popular Topaz Photo AI software has been released. You can learn about the new version here. What’s new at a glance:

All-new UI – All-new Control

We’ve overhauled Photo AI’s user interface and added more features to make your favorite photo enhancement and upscaling tool your go-to editor. New workflow. Better results.

Say hello to stacked enhancements

Control the processing steps. The right panel displays the order so you get the best results. Every time.

All-new edit capabilities

Edit any photo by adding just the enhancements you want–or run autopilot to analyze your image and start with our recommendations.  Selectively clean, sharpen, brighten/darken, and color correct different parts of your photos.

Faster and customizable interface

More responsive and customized. Drag panels out and place them where they work best for you. Preview updates faster when new edits are added. Switching between your current edit and previous edits is now faster than ever.

Remove it

Remove can also be easily edited or deleted. Giving you greater control. Use it however you want. You choose the workflow that’s best for you.

Straighten. Simple.

Change the angle of your image. Just like that. It’s a simple tool that every every photo editor needs access to.

Learn more and order Topaz Photo AI here.

Topaz Labs Released Gigapixel 7 (upscale & enhance photos with AI)

Gigapixel 7

Topaz Labs released Gigapixel 7. You can upscale and enhance photos with Gigapixel 7.

What’s new:

  • Updated AI engine which should allow better compatibility and faster processing
  • Added Standard and High Fidelity v2 models
  • Refreshed the UI with new design and controls
  • Updated preferences with new options
  • Added panning and pinch to zoom gestures in preview
  • Added updated RAW preview handling (should be closer to Photo AI)
  • Added ability to capture before/after in split and side by side views
  • Added ability to move the file list up and down via dragging
  • Changed logic for selections
  • Changed controls to show mixed states if multiple images with different values are selected

Get Gigapixel 7 at $99

Save 25% On Topaz Photo AI and Video AI (limited time)

Photo Ai

For the holidays, Topaz Labs started a promotion on their award winning products, Photo AI and Video AI, which are 25% off.

You can get Photo Ai at $149 (reg. $199) and Video AI at $224 (reg. $299) – see here for trial version and more information.

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