Topaz Video AI 4.0 Released – Save $50 For Limited Time

Video Ai

Topaz Labs released Video AI 4.0. If you order before October, 30, 2023, you can save $50.

Topaz Video AI is on sale at $249 (reg. $299), click here to learn more and to get it.

With Video AI 4, improve your workflow with new Direct Comparison UI: side-by-side, slide-over, and overlay views to compare your footage using 24 AI models. Built for creative pros who want more fine control. Ultra smooth, Ultra sharp, and Ultra steady.

  • Direct Comparison UI to preview images and compare any two of your 24 AI models directly. Fine tune settings with side-by-side, slide-over, and overlay views to get the perfect video enhancement.
  • Nyx v2: Improved training on the Nyx model generates better detailed results while eliminating ISO noise and compression artifacts.
  • Nyx’s new 2x scale mode enhances the sharpness and fidelity of your footage during the de-noise process.
  • Nyx can intelligently detect and heal some of the visual artifacts created by video compression.
  • Iris MQ with improved face recovery
  • 50% speed gain on TensorRT-compatible GPUs
  • Custom mode for processing black-and-white video
  • Custom mode for 3:2 pulldown/inverse telecine footage
  • Options for deinterlacing at single frame rate or double frame rate
  • Split Iris into Iris LQ/MQ
  • Reduced loading times for Enhancement models
  • Support for rotating videos 90, 180, and 270 degrees-corrects videos with missing metadata for rotation.
  • Use two Enhancement filters at once. This system will allow editors to stack Enhancement filters and process multi-step AI tasks in fewer clicks.
  • Animated tooltips that instruct new users on the use of the Preview system the first time the app is run.
  • Improved dynamic bitrate controls: The High setting for H264 and H265 exports has been adjusted to target a VMAF score of about 95, and is now the default setting for new installs of Video AI.
  • The lossless FFV1 codec is now available by default in the export options panel, and can be used at 4:2:0, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling levels.
  • AV1 encoder for AMD 7000 series GPUs and 700 series integrated graphics.
  • Copy all subtitle tracks for MKV exports.
  • New preference to default to searching for image sequences during import.

Save Big On Datacolor SpyderX Calibration Tools (today only)

Datacolor Spyder

Only for today (10/11/2023) you can save big bucks at B&H Photo on two Datacolor SpyderX calibration tools.

Please note: both offers contain the SpyderX calibration tool.

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Pre-order The New Topaz VIDEO AI And Save $50


If you preorder the new Topaz Video AI now you’ll save $50 on the retail price, and you will pay $249 (note: the discount will show up when you click on the buy button and put the item in cart). Topaz Video AI will be released on October 17, 2023.

Production-grade AI models for professional use cases

Topaz Video AI focuses solely on completing a few video enhancement tasks really well: deinterlacingupscaling, and motion interpolation. We’ve taken five years to craft AI models robust enough for natural results on real-world footage.

Topaz Video AI will also take full advantage of your modern workstation, as we partner directly with hardware manufacturers to optimize processing times. (Many of them already use Topaz Video AI to benchmark AI inference.) Own the software and use it for as many projects as you like, right in your existing workflow.

All new features:

Learn more about Topaz Video AI.

DxO PhotoLab 7 Released (new color calibration and editing tools)

PhotoLab 7

DxO released a new version of their award winning photo editing software, i.e. PhotoLab 7 (click here for more information). PhotoLab 7 does not require a subscription and can be installed on up to three computers.

Press release:

DxO PhotoLab 7 introduces unique color calibration and editing tools, revamped local adjustments, and a powerful B&W workflow.

Paris (France): DxO Labs, creator of pioneering photo-editing software for over 20 years, is proud to present PhotoLab 7, its complete RAW image-processing and correction software.

“Our goal has always been to give photographers the ultimate in image quality, and PhotoLab 7 takes this another step further. Combined with our ultra-wide gamut and soft proofing functionality, the introduction of the color calibration tool and support for LUTs creates a whole new level of control.” (Fabrizio Dei Tos Navalesi DxO Product Director)

New for PhotoLab 7

Commitment To Color

PhotoLab 7 enables photographers to apply true-to-life, scientifically accurate color profiles to their images. PhotoLab 7 unique tool, working in concert with one of six industry-standard color checker charts from Calibrite and Datacolor.

Cinematic-Style Grading

We are excited to introduce Look Up Tables (LUTs) into PhotoLab 7: now available with 17 DxO starter presets. LUTs builds on our previous advances made in color management where we re-engineered our color processing algorithms, introduced DxO Wide Gamut our extended working color space and improved Soft Proofing mode. Using LUTs will enable our exacting photographers to speed up their workflow and apply their favorite style adjustments to their images.

HSL Editing Can Now Be Adjusted Locally

PhotoLab first began to set the standard in color control through its innovative HSL Color Wheel. The spectrum of color control tools now available in version 7 is the result of years of concerted effort to deliver lifelike and expressive colors demanded by serious photographers. Photographers can now enjoy the powerful easy-to-use HSL ColorWheel as part of their local adjustments, enabling them to adjust the color of a subject’s clothing, or subtly warming the highlights of a landscape scene, all with the highest quality and total creative freedom.

A Natural Black-and-White Workflow

PhotoLab 7 has new tools that help photographers create their definitive monochrome workflow. The interface introduces a new tab to switch between color and monochrome and a range of new film renderings – plus PhotoLab 7 includes introduces a six-channel mixer for complete tonal control across black-and-white photography.

Local Adjustments Revamped

The ability to make precise local adjustments is a vital part of creative photo editing. PhotoLab 7 makes this easy by organizing local adjustment tools into a new dedicated palette in the workspace. This evolution keeps the interface cleaner and makes photos more visible while they’re being worked on, allowing even greater precision from our popular U PointTM tool.

Price and Availability

New customers can download Windows and macOS versions exclusively from the DxO website (https:// at the prices listed below, a 30-day free trial is also available.

● DxO PhotoLab 7: $ 229
Owners of PhotoLab 5 or 6 can take advantage of a special upgrade price:

● DxO PhotoLab 7 upgrade price: $109
To upgrade, customers should log into their customer account at