Save 85% With The Skylum Luminar Neo Ultimate Photography Bundle

Luminar Neo

Skylum started a massive promotion for their Luminar NEO software, the Skylum Luminar Neo Ultimate Photography Bundle.

You can get the Skylum Luminar Neo Ultimate Photography Bundle with 85% discount. The offer expires March 28, 2023. The bundle includes:

  • Luminar Neo Lifetime license (available for new Neo users only)
  • Luminar X Membership 1 year subscription (available for new Neo users only)
  • 125 LUTs, Skies, Presets, and Overlays for Luminar, Photoshop, and Lightroom
  • Full Editing Course on landscape photography from Albert Dros
  • Portrait Fundamentals from Darlene Hildebrandt
  • Drone Cinematography Crash Course from Stewart and Alina Carrol
  • Luminar Neo Ultimate Editing Handbook by Rene Ledrado
  • Creative content from Mathew Browne and Rene Ledrado

For new users, the bundle is $149 (reg. over $1000), for existing NEO users the bundle is $99 (reg. $820). Click here to get the bundle.

Luminar NEO Is One Year Old, Offers Promotions For Its Birthday

Luminar Neo

Skylum’s Luminar NEO is one year old and to celebrate the company offers some promotional packets.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Luminar NEO, Skylum offers these promotional packets:

  • Annual Explore subscription – 99 $/€ (119)/year + 1 year free + Creative Anniversary Collection
  • Monthly Explore subscription – 9.95 $/€ /month + 1 month free + Creative Anniversary Collection
  • Annual Pro subscription – 119 $/€ (149)/year + 1 year free + Creative Anniversary Collection
  • Monthly Pro subscription – 14.95 $/€ /month + 1 month free + Creative Anniversary Collection
  • Luminar Neo Lifetime purchase – 149 $/€ (199) + Magic Light extension for free + Creative Anniversary Collection

You can access all Luminar NEO promotions here.

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Today Only: Datacolor SpyderX Elite Color Control Kit – $189.99 (reg. $399.99)

Datacolor Spyderx

Only for today (7/29/2022) B&H Photo has a 52% discount on the Datacolor SpyderX Elite Color Control Kit.

At a glance:

  • Lens-Based Color Engine Technology
  • Ambient Light Monitoring
  • Color Profile and Settings Switching
  • Single-Click Wizard Calibration
  • Manual Console Calibration Mode
  • Supports Multiple Monitors
  • Video and Cine Calibration Targets
  • Projector Calibration
  • Soft Proofing and StudioMatch
  • For Mac and Windows Operating Systems

Get the Datacolor SpyderX Elite Color Control Kit on sale at $189.99. Compare at $399.99.

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HDR Merge For Luminar NEO Released (AI-powered HDR Photography)

Hdr Merge

Skylum, the maker of Luminar NEO, has released an additional module for their acclaimed AI-powered photo editing software, HDR Merge.

Aurora HDR owners will get the opportunity to buy Luminar Neo with a loyalty discount and receive the HDR Merge extension for free. Additionally, Skylum customers with Luminar Neo subscriptions will get the Aurora HDR Merge extension for free. Skylum offers a 30-day money-back guarantee from the time of shipping. HDR Merge works only as an extension within Luminar Neo.

Click here to learn more about or to get/buy HDR Merge.

Skylum announces release of first-ever Luminar Neo extension

Welcome HDR Merge, a fresh Luminar Neo extension for stunning HDR photography.

Powerful HDR Merge technology is coming to the award-winning Luminar Neo software as a paid extension. Designed for all fans of HDR photography, HDR Merge compiles multiple exposure-bracketed images into a single HDR image. It can merge up to 10 photos and deliver a spectacular level of color enhancement, making the final result look as close as possible to what the eye sees. HDR Merge is scheduled to be released on July 28, and the preorder has already started.

Skylum’s advanced technologies

HDR Merge will be available as an extension to Luminar Neo, an award-winning app by Skylum with an extensive portfolio of tools that maximizes the artist’s editing powers. Post-processing photos becomes easy in Luminar Neo, which empowers artists to create jaw-dropping landscapes, retouch photos for social media, make creative art with composite images, and deliver stunning portraits with a dreamy bokeh effect — among other things.
Luminar Neo’s powerful new engine gives the platform an unlimited number of creative possibilities, allowing it to incorporate more editing tools for artists and making it easy to add such technologies as the HDR Merge extension without a loss of performance. With HDR Merge, Luminar Neo is transforming into a one-stop solution for landscape and architecture photographers.

The power of HDR Merge

Especially for photographers who specialize in landscape or architecture photos, the right HDR settings can help to create detailed and dynamic photos. The higher the dynamic range, the more details in the highlights and shadows can be shown in a single photo.
If a camera doesn’t have a high dynamic range, one technique to compensate for this is to take multiple exposure bracketed images. That’s where HDR Merge can help, merging up to 10 images into one single HDR photo.
Luminar Neo’s HDR Merge doesn’t produce halos or artifacts. Plus, with the help of intelligent technologies, Luminar artists can create HDR images even from a single photo, with no brackets needed. Artificial intelligence allows for the highest quality of bracket merging and a spectacular level of color enhancement.
What’s unique about Luminar Neo’s HDR Merge is that it can be combined with Luminar Neo’s other tools to create spectacular photos. After merging brackets, artists have a full arsenal of AI-based tools at their disposal. They can enhance with one slider, fix colors and toning, add glow, play with super contrast, add realistic sun rays or vivid foliage — there is a whole world to explore. Luminar Neo gives photo artists the power to achieve the best HDR photos and go beyond in their editing, all in one app.

Create impressive photos

HDR photography is especially important for architecture, landscape, and real estate photography, but it can be applied to any type of photography for a creative effect.

  • Landscape
    Landscape photos usually have a few layers with different colors and contrast, and it’s tricky to achieve a smooth photograph that brings out the best in each layer. With HDR Merge, photographers can create a deep and rich photo of a mountain range, for example, where the mountains in the background, the forest in the center, and the stream in the foreground all look vivid, bright, and well-exposed.
  • Architecture
    It might seem easy to take photos of architecture, as the subjects are static. However, the photographer must take into account a building’s design, location, shadows, light, and weather, as they all play an important role in creating the perfect photo. Taking multiple bracketed images with a range of exposures helps with capturing a full range of light that is closer to what the human eye sees. Then it is the job of HDR Merge to combine these bracketed images into one high-contrast dynamic photo that showcases the best details of the building.
  • Real estate
    A real estate photo should compel buyers to fall in love with a place. Whether a photo is of the exterior or interior, the building should appear well-lit, attractive, and highly detailed. However, the photographer doesn’t always have control over the conditions, as work is usually expected to be done quickly without taking into consideration the weather and time of day. HDR Merge helps real estate photographers achieve high-contrast photos quickly and easily, keeping clients satisfied.

Apart from that, applying HDR merge can help bring out details in underexposed nighttime photos or otherwise fine-tune images with exposure issues.

Preorder for a better price

The HDR Merge extension preorder starts on July 15. The release is scheduled for July 28, 2022, but Luminar owners can preorder HDR Merge now for a better price.
Aurora HDR owners will get the opportunity to buy Luminar Neo with a loyalty discount and receive the HDR Merge extension for free. Additionally, Skylum customers with Luminar Neo subscriptions will get the Aurora HDR Merge extension for free.

Nik Collection 5 Released, Many New Features Added

Nik Collection 5

One of my favorite photo editing software got a significant update: Nik Collection 5 has been released.

To learn more about Nik Collection 5 (or buy it) click here, or watch the videos below.

What’s new:

  • Brand new Design and User Experience for Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex
  • Film Grain for Nik Color Efex. Access 29 high-fidelity, color, analog, film-grain types thanks to DxO’s exclusive calibration process with the ability to alter intensity and size.
  • ClearView for Nik Color Efex. Take rendering a step further by intelligently increasing local contrast while effectively suppressing distant atmospheric haze without producing pronounced halo effects.
  • Create presets with (or without) Control Points. In Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex users can save even more accurate and creative effects to apply in a single click on an image.
  • Color Selectivity for Control Points in Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex. Adjust the selectivity to apply the effects to similar hues and luminosities.
  • Control Points Design and new User Experience in Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex. Control Point adjustments in Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex are available in the right panel under the Selective
  • Adjustment category.
  • The Control Point image viewer design remains unchanged but, to prevent the preview from becoming cluttered, all control point parameters are now available in the right panel of the interface for Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex.
  • Control Point and Control Point Group naming now lets you rename Control Points to self-
  • explanatory titles on the list, e.g. Sky, Eye, Skin, etc…
  • Control Points copy and paste. Control Points can be copied from one filter to another in Nik Analog
  • Efex to ensure consistant localized adjustements.
  • Nik Selective Tool now displays Nik Analog Efex and Nik Viveza favourite presets enabling users to select them from the Adobe Photoshop interface and streamline the over-all user experience.
  • New Optical Modules available for Nik Perspective Efex
  • New supported cameras (Canon EOS R3 and others)