Here Are Images Of The Upcoming Meyer Optik Trioplan 100 f/2.8 II, Trioplan 50, Lydith 30 Lenses

Meyer Optik Görlitz

Meyer Optik Görlitz is set to release renewed lenses soon. If you missed it, the traditional German lens manufacturer has some troubles in the recent past.

These optimized Meyer Optik lenses are going to be announced: the Trioplan 100 f2.8 II, Trioplan 50Lydith 30 and Primoplan 75. Images of the first three of these lenses are available. All lenses will come for to following mount types: Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica L, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony E.

Meyer Optik Trioplan 50mm

Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica L, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony E
Aperture:f2.9 – f22
Focal length:50mm
Filter diameter:52mm
Minimum focusing distance:0,4 m
Rangefinder Coupling for Leica:no

Trioplan 100mm

Mounts:Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica L, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony E
Aperture:f2.8 – f22
Focal length:100mm
Filter diameter:52mm
Minimum focusing distance:0,9 m
Rangefinder Coupling for Leica:no

Lydith 30mm

Mounts:Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica L, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony E
Aperture:f3.5 – f16
Focal length:30mm
Filter diameter:52mm
Minimum focusing distance:0,15 m
Rangefinder Coupling for Leica:no
[via Sony Alpha Rumors]
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AI Powered Skylum Luminar 4 Released, Here Are Some Cool Starter Tutorials

Skylum Luminar 4 Deal

Skylum Luminar 4 has been officially released.

You can save $10/€10 on the purchase price by entering code WATCH at checkout, so it’s $79/€79 for you (instead of $89/€89, the code works for all offered bundles).

Here are five short Luminar 4 tutorials for you to start.

Press release after the break.

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Canon vs Sony vs Fuji vs Nikon: Continuous 4K Video Shooting With Eye AF

Eye Af

Geek alert! A Canon vs Sony vs Fuji vs Nikon shootout on Eye AF performance.

Here is a 22 minutes video where Hidema Nakajima compares the Eye AF of various mirrorless cameras. To be more precise, he compares the Eye AF performance while shooting 4K video. The compared cameras are the Canon EOS R, Nikon Z 6, Sony a9, and Fujifilm X-T3.

Canon released firmware updates for the Canon EOS R and EOS RP that dramatically improved AF performance. More Canon EOS R Eye AF comparison reviews are here and here.

Canon Offers CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits For Third Party Application Development

Cmos Sensor Evaluation

If you are developing gear build around Canon’s super specialised image sensors then you have a new tool for your craft. We featured Canon’s specialised sensors a lot.

Canon press release:

Canon’s new CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits Are Now Available Through Authorized Distributors

MELVILLE, NY, November 14, 2019 – Expanding the company’s CMOS sensor business offerings, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to announce the availability of the first Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits starting November 15, 2019. These high-quality, easy to use evaluation kits are a key tool to be able to test sensor performance firsthand and kick start product development. The evaluation kits will be available through authorized distributors: Phase 1 Technology Corp, Macnica Americas Inc. and Digi-Key Electronics.

Canon’s pixel-level innovations offer sensor options for ultra-high resolution, ultra-high sensitivity, low noise and global shutter, as well as a specialized RGB-NIR color filter array. The advanced components of the kit will help developers test sensor features and performance to help ensure a fit with their application across a variety of industries, including biomedical, medical imaging, machine vision, robotics, aerial mapping, astronomy, satellite technology, pathological phenotyping and other demanding imaging applications.

“Understanding that image sensors are an important driving force behind the competitive digital imaging industry, Canon is excited to add these CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits to our portfolio,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Continuing with the mission to develop technology which can ultimately help end-users increase efficiency and productivity that potentially results in a higher ROI, Canon’s Evaluation Kits allow OEMs, solutions providers, authorized distributors, integrators and others in search of advanced components to test and build unique vision systems.”

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Canon EOS M6 Mark II Review (delivers great-looking photos, ePHOTOzine)

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Review

Canon EOS M6 Mark II review by the folks at ePHOTOzine. The Canon EOS M6 Mark II was announced in August 2019.

The review criticises the fact that there are allegedly only three premium lenses for the EOS M system: the 32mm f/1.4 STM, 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, and 22mm f/2 STM. All native EF-M lenses made by Canon, and with a metal mount, which seems to be a discerning factor for the reviewer.

It would be more correct to state there are only “three premium lenses made by Canon“, and still I think using the limited number of Canon-made EF-M lenses is objectionable as a criticism against the EOS M6 Mark II. There are many third party manufacturer making EF-M lenses, with some nice and fast primes among them. Or does someone doubt the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens is a premium lens? Depending by your needs you might prefer the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN. Both have a metal mount, btw. You can also use the very good EF/EF-S to EF-M adapter and not worry about autofocus since you have Dual Pixel AF on board. So, I guess in ePHOTOzine’s review there is a bit of good old EOS M bashing with the argument of the lens ecosystem. It’s true that Canon did not build a large EF-M lenses lineup (so far) but it’s also true that it doesn’t really matter that much.

From the Canon EOS M6 Mark II review conclusion:

The Canon EOS M6 Mark II could be a fantastic camera, in fact, it is, but without the right lens or lenses, it’s severely limited. It’s like a Ferrari stuck in traffic, or on a road with a 30mph speed limit until it gets to the Autobahn. Yes, the Canon EOS M6 Mark II is a great camera, but the first thing you must do is get a better lens, to get the most out of it, and does the currently limited range of Canon EF-M lenses meet or match your requirements?  

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Pros

– 32mp APS-C CMOS sensor

– High-speed continuous shooting

– Fast Auto-focus system

– Easy to use with built-in help

– Excellent colour reproduction

– Easy to use touch-screen and controls

– In-camera raw processing

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Cons

– Only 8 EF-M lenses available from Canon

– Kit lens is soft unless stopped down

– Lack of effective optical image stabilisation for video

– Lacks built-in EVF

Read the review at ePHOTOzine

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Canon EF-M mount lenses Amazon USA, Amazon CA, B&H Photo, Adorama, Digitalrev, KEH Camera, eBay US, Canon USA, Canon CA, BestBuy