Canon EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R Are Now Out Of Production

Eos 5ds R Mark Ii

Neither a rumor nor a surprise.

Both the Canon EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R are out of production since a while. Both models will be replaced by a mirrorless offering.

We just got a rumor about the possible resolution of the upcoming high resolution EOS R model. And we expect Canon to release at least one high megapixel EOS R body in 2020.

Both the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R are currently sold for a bargain on eBay.

We are all sitting tight for the release of the Canon EOS R5, Canon’s next industry game changer.

The Photography Show and The Video Show 2020 Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Photography Show

The Photography Show and The Video Show 2020 has been postponed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Photography Show & The Video Show has been postponed

To date, The Photography Show & The Video Show has been following Government guidelines regarding the continuation of our event surrounding the outbreak of Coronavirus.  However, as the news has been progressing we have listened to the concerns, from all parties, around the health and welfare of their staff. 

The wellbeing of our visitors, exhibitors and staff is of the utmost importance, we have therefore taken the extremely difficult decision to postpone The Photography Show & The Video Show until later in the year, when we will be able to deliver the show you deserve.  We are now working through the ramifications of this unprecedented situation. 

More information can be found here.

Will The Canon EOS R5 Survive The Cripple Hammer?

Canon EOS R5

So, here is another humor(ish) post about the upcoming Canon EOS R5.

The folks at Camera Conspiracies wonders if the EOS R5 will survive Canon’s cripple hammer, i.e. how much the specifications Canon revealed at the development announcement (for instance 8K video) will be reduced in their scale (for instance heavily cropped 8K).

Will the Canon Cripple Hammer let the Canon R5 leave the warehouse untouched? Or will there be a back alley battle to cripple the perfect camera? Does 8k matter? Will Canon IBIS be better than Panasonic and Olympus? Will this camera end my channel like the Fuji XT4 is attempting? Let’s find out :)

All we know so far about the EOS R5 is listed here.

Canon Celebrates Wolf Restoration In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National

Canon press release:

Canon U.S.A. Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Wolf Restoration in Yellowstone National Park

Canon’s Longstanding Partnership with Yellowstone Forever has Supported Wildlife Research and Conservation in the Park for More Than 20 Years

MELVILLE, NY, March 3, 2020Enabling powerful research, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, celebrates the 25th anniversary of wolf restoration in Yellowstone National Park along with the company’s support for wildlife research and conservation in the park for more than 20 years. In 1995, the U.S. government restored wolves back to the park, where they had been absent for more than 70 years. Since the reintroduction, wolves have played a significant role in the park’s ecosystem and recently gray wolves have been delisted from the endangered species list in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Eyes on Yellowstone, an education and research program, has been made possible through Canon U.S.A. Inc.’s proud sponsorship with Yellowstone Forever, the park’s official non-profit partner. Canon’s sponsorship of Yellowstone Forever contributes to important scientific research, including the Yellowstone Wolf Project, and helps break new ground in conservation, endangered species protection, and the application of cutting-edge science and technology that is essential to managing Yellowstone National Park’s delicate ecosystems and wildlife.

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Coronavirus Forces Canon To Temporarily Shut Down 5 Factories

Coronavirus Eos R5

Canon announced it is temporarily shutting down five factories on Japan’s Kyushu island because there are supply shortages from China because of COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus.

The factories will be shut down from March 2 to March 13, 2020. Nikkei reports (machine translated):

Canon said on May 28 that it will suspend operations at its five offices in Kyushu, which produce cameras and related products, for about two weeks from March 2 to 13. The supply of parts from China may become unstable due to the effects of the new coronavirus. The operation date will be re-assigned to a different date within the year, but details will be finalized in the future. The company hopes to maintain production efficiency by operating when parts supply is stable.

The target is a total of five manufacturing subsidiaries in Oita, Miyazaki and Nagasaki. The company produces SLR cameras, interchangeable lenses, network cameras (surveillance cameras), etc. At the moment, no employees have been infected.

Ricoh has also decided to suspend the operation of some of its production lines in Miyagi Prefecture, which has been shut down since March 21, until March 6. It was originally scheduled for February 28, but will be extended for a week. There is some concern that the supply of parts needed to make digital printing presses for printers from China is lagging, delaying delivery.

For the time being it’s unclear if this will affect the release of the Canon EOS R5, but it’s likely it will.