Here Is What Happened To The Camera Industry In The Last Two Years

Camera Industry

Out friends at LensVid put together what happened to the camera industry during the 2020-2021 period. LensVid is not new to this kind of analysis.

LensVid writes:

Interestingly in 2021, we have already seen about 20% more income going to manufacturers from camera sales. If you consider the aforementioned 5% reduction in overall cameras sales compared to 2020 this means that the average price per camera sold globally increased significantly over the past year.

Looking forward, it is hard to be optimistic for 2022. Talking to people inside the industry we have been told that the shortages and supply issues are expected to continue for at least the first half of the year and even if miraculously the second half will see record sales compared to the previous two years, we are still looking at another very difficult year for the industry.

LensVid’s finding are summed up in the video below.

Canon Australia Indeed Recalls “very small number” Of EOS R5 C Due To AF Issues

Canon Eos R5 C

Days ago a rumor came up suggesting Canon Australia is set to “halt sales of the Canon EOS R5 C“, without any apparent cause. Well, reality is a little less dramatic.

As Canon Australia itself revealed in a product advisory, a very small number of Canon EOS R5 C units is going to be recalled. The issue seems to be related to autofocus issues.

Customers who recently purchased the EOS R5 C digital cinema camera

18th March 2022

It has been discovered that the following minor defect may occur in some EOS R5 C digital cinema cameras. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and concern this may cause to customers using this product. We will continue to ensure thorough quality control so that customers can use this product with peace of mind.

Due to a manufacturing defect in t
he autofocus, the camera may repeatedly go in and out of focus in movie mode.

Selected units in Australia of the EO
S R5 C digital cinema camera.

Our action
We are aware that a very small number of units have been delivered to customers prior to this issue being identified. For those who received their unit on or before 21 March 2022, please contact the retailer you purchased the product from to organise the return and replacement or repair of your camera. We appreciate your un

For those customers eagerly awaiting their EOS R5 C we expect this may delay shipping of your product.

So far it seems other markets than Australia are not affected by this.

Canon Firmware: New Release For Canon EOS C70 (ver.

Video Gear Cinema Eos C70 Firmware Review

Canon released a firmware update for the Canon EOS C70.

Canon firmware Version for the EOS C70 incorporates the following fix and enhancements:

  1. Adds support for the Cinema RAW Light recording modes. Resolution:4096×2160,2048×1080 Bit Depth:12 bit Frame rate:59.94P,50.00P,29.97P,23.98P,25.00P,24.00P
  2. Adds [Frame Recording] modes.
  3. Adds [Interval Recording] modes.

Download Canon EOS C70 firmware here.

Canon Firmware Update For EOS R5 And EOS R6 Released (ver. 1.5.2, autofocus improvements)

Canon Firmware Canon EOS R6 Review Camera Sales

Canon firmware updates for both the EOS R5 and EOS R6 have been released.

Canon EOS R5 firmware Version 1.5.2 (download) incorporates the following enhancement:

  1. Optimizes AutoFocus accuracy when Extender RF1.4x or Extender RF2x is attached to the RF800mm F5.6 L IS USM and RF1200mm F8 L IS USM lenses.
  2. Enhances the stability of Eye Detection. 3. Enhances AutoFocus tracking when shooting moving subjects.

Canon EOS R6 firmware Version 1.5.2 (download) incorporates the following enhancement:

  1. Enhances the stability of Eye Detection
  2. Enhances AutoFocus tracking when shooting moving subjects.

Get Photo Management Software Excire Foto and Excire Analytics With $39 Off

Excire Foto Excire Analytics

Edit: apologies for a mistake: the price is not $39, but is discounted by $39.

Excire Foto has become my favourite photo management software. Automatic photo tagging and keywording, sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Excire Foto is a photo management app powered by artificial intelligence (AI). See what it can do for you:

  • Using advanced image and face-recognition technology, Excire Foto automatically analyses and tags your photos. Looking for photos from a beach holiday or a family celebration? The Excire AI will find them for you in seconds and will uncover all your hidden photo treasures.
  • Intelligent content-based navigation is combined with super fast image display to provide efficiency and fun. Simple, intuitive, powerful: with Excire Foto you will experience a completely new way of interacting with your photos.
  • You search, Excire Foto finds! With just a few clicks you can find the photos you are looking for faster than ever before!
  • Transfer the Excire Foto keywords to photo or XMP files and benefit from the power of the Excire AI across various applications. Excire keywords become available in the spotlight search of your file browser and other applications such as Lightroom.

You have now the chance to get Excire Foto and the new Excire Analytics with a $39/€39 discount. Proceed as follows:

  • click on “buy” for Excire Foto
  • on the next page, put both Excire Foto and Excire Analytics in the cart
  • at checkout use code AnalyticsDeal – the price gets $39/€39 discount
  • Enjoy a rather cool and well made photo management software with no subscription obbligation

Jim Nix tells what Excire Analytics is about.

Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston Explains Canon Auto Focus

Eos R7 Eos R10 Canon Cameras Europe Canon Eos R1 Eos R Rf 14-35mm Olympic Games Ef-mount Rudy Winston

Here is a neat video. Host Rudy Winston, Canon technical advisor of renowned fame, explains how Auto Focus woorks on Canon cameras.

Join Rudy Winston, a Technical Advisor in the Product Planning Dept. for Canon USA, and me as we take a deep dive into the amazing auto-focus systems available in the current line of Canon cameras, on this Behind the Shot.

This is a rather exhaustive and long video, coming from Behind The Shot (you can follow Steve Brazill on Twitter). So here is the table of contents:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:01:26 – Interview with Rudy Winston
  • 0:12:56 – General AF Questions
  • 0:18:40 – Canon R5 AF Menu Page 1
  • 0:41:27 – Canon R5 AF Menu Page 2
  • 0:45:41 – Canon R5 AF Menu Page 3
  • 0:57:36 – Canon R5 AF Menu Page 4
  • 1:11:07 – Canon R5 AF Menu Page 5
  • 1:35:58 – My Dual- Back-Button AF Setup
  • 1:39:19 – Speed Round Q & A
  • 1:41:44 – Rudy’s Photographer Pick
  • 1:44:50 – Outro (no typo, they called it that way)

Enjoy the video.