Canon Announces Service Center For Pro Photographers At Tokyo 2020

Olympics Tokyo 2020

Canon pulled their booths from the Olympics but does (obviously) support professional photographers and their equipment at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Canon press release:

Canon establishes professional photographer Photo service center inside the Tokyo 2020 Main Press Center

TOKYO, July 19, 2021—Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. announced today that the company will establish a photo service center for professional photographers in the Main Press Center (MPC), where members of the international press gather, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 (henceforth, Tokyo 2020 Games) with the purpose of ensuring photographers are as best-equipped as possible to capture exciting and definitive moments of top-class athletes.

Professional photographers around the world require camera manufacturers to develop state-of-the-art technologies and top-class-performance equipment, as well as provide a comprehensive network of meticulous service and support.

Thus far, Canon has provided on-site support for press photographers, including camera and lens maintenance and technological support, behind the scenes at major sporting events around the world. The Tokyo 2020 Games are no exception—there too, Canon will apply its professional support know-how acquired over its long history in order to provide flexible and appropriate support for photographers and the various requests and equipment troubles they may have.

The Tokyo 2020 Games Main Press Center, located in the West Hall of the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, is expected to receive many members of the international press. As a Gold Partner of the Tokyo 2020 Games (still cameras and desktop printers), Canon aims to contribute to the successful operation of the event. With this goal in mind, the company will establish the largest camera photo service center of this event within the MPC.

At the photo service center, which will operate under the motto of “Zero Downtime” to ensure that photographers don’t miss their chance at capturing decisive moments of this intense competition due to equipment trouble or other such problems, Canon will provide speedy maintenance service, equipment repairs and loaning of replacement equipment so that photographers can always be ready and in the best possible condition.

The Canon photo service center will provide such equipment as the company’s professional flagship camera, the EOS-1D X Mark III, as well as the EOS R5 and EOS R6 mirrorless cameras and super-telephoto lenses. In addition, elite and highly trained staff will be working on-site to support photographers until the end of the closing ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

In addition, Canon’s remote camera system will be used at the event venues. The Robotic Camera System CR-S700R enables digital interchangeable-lens cameras (DILC) to be operated remotely, including the ability to adjust shooting angles, and can be installed and used in locations at the event areas where human photographers cannot access, such as from ceilings.

Canon strives to support photographers aiming to capture historic and powerful moments of top-class athletes engaged in fierce competition and contribute to the promotion and development of photographic culture. In addition, the company will support the efforts of the media to deliver to people around the world moments of passion and excitement during the sporting world’s premiere event, thus contributing to the promotion of the Olympic and Paralympic movement.

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Canon Revises Profit Forecast, Things Going Better Than Expected


Canon corrected their profit forecast for 2021. They corrected it upwards. Inkjet printer sales are going strong since people is working from home because of the pandemic.

Canon Global released a note where they state that profit forecasts have been corrected upwards. That’s the new situation:

Camera and printer sales are going very well, according to Canon (emphasis mine):

In the second quarter of 2021, as was the case in the first quarter, sales of inkjet printers, which continue to be in high demand due to more people working and learning from home globally, grew strongly. Additionally, even amid restrictions on activities linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in and demand for cameras increased, resulting in sales remaining strong in each region, particularly for full-frame mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses. The Company is also posting sales growth of other products, such as medical and semiconductor lithography equipment, thanks to favorable market conditions. Amid inflation caused by a shortage of goods, we expect the favorable market environment to continue in the second half
of the year. Additionally, more people getting vaccinated is expected to bring the number of people commuting to offices back, resulting in print demand recovering in the office market. Based on these assumptions, the Company has revised its full-year consolidated results forecast.

Thanks Edina for the tip.

Canon And IBM Announce Partnership To Promote Art using Volumetric Video

Volumetric Video

One of Canon’s many efforts. Learn more about the Noh volumetric video here or watch a Ted Talk about volumetric video technology.

Canon press release:

Canon and IBM Japan form joint business operation utilizing volumetric video technology to promote the visual and performing arts, release video for inaugural project: a performance of the Noh play Lady Aoi, directed by the Hoshokai.

TOKYO, July 2, 2021—Canon Inc. (Headquarters: Ohta-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Fujio Mitarai; heretofore: Canon) and IBM Japan Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Akio Yamaguchi; heretofore: IBM Japan) announced today that, starting in July, the two companies will form a business partnership based on the use of volumetric video technology to promote the visual and performing arts.

Volumetric video technology entails the use of digitalized 3D spatial data, which is rendered by computers to create a virtual space in which video can be generated from any angle. This technology has attracted significant interest in the sporting world and is becoming increasingly widespread in the entertainment industry. In addition, Canon has implemented this technology during an international rugby tournament in 2019 as well as other sporting events. In July 2020, the company established its Volumetric Video Studio – Kawasaki, to expand its range of activities in the entertainment industry.

In this joint project both companies have leveraged their combined technologies, products and networks to propose a volumetric video solution for the visual and performing arts community, with the aim of exploring new business opportunities and creating and growing new value for audiences. In particular, Canon contributes its volumetric video technology, which makes possible nearly simultaneous video capture and generation of high-resolution video. Through this technology, the company provides a new method for video content production and audiovisual experiences, in addition to passing on valuable cultural traditions.
Leveraging its know-how and experience in the field of art, IBM Japan provides consulting services that include business strategies and project execution support for companies involved in the arts in order to help the visual and performing arts achieve a digital transformation.

In addition, using its IBM Power System AC922 for accelerated computing and IBM Elastic Storage System broadband storage technology, the company can provide technological support through high-quality, high-speed and secure visual data processing and streaming technology, thus increasing the value of services using volumetric data.

The first project created through this corporate partnership is the release today of a performance of the Noh theatre work “Lady Aoi,” produced by Hoshokai and utilizing volumetric video technology. Directed by Kazufusa Hosho, Head of the Hosho Noh Style, the performance gracefully flows between scenes of the Noh stage and the spiritual world. For the creation of the video, Canon obtained 3DCG data of a real-life Noh stage, generated dynamic backgrounds and CG animations, and captured video of the Noh actors’ performance at the Volumetric Video Studio – Kawasaki. These resources were then smoothly integrated into the completed product, right there at the studio. IBM Japan provided high-speed infrastructure and technological support through its IBM Power Systems AC922 advanced dedicated parallel processing server and IBM Elastic Storage System broadband storage technology, enabling the use of essential responsiveness required for real-time video rendering.

Through this partnership, both Canon and IBM Japan will aim to create new value within the visual and performing arts world while expanding the potential use cases of volumetric video technology.

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New Version Of Canon DPP And EOS Utility, Support For EOS R6 and 1D X Mark III

Canon Firmware EOS R6 Firmware

Canon released new versions of their Digital Photo Professional and EOS Utility software.

The new versions add support for the Canon EOS R6 and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. To be precise it’s support for the latest firmware versions.

  • Supports Firmware Version 1.5.0 or later for the EOS-1D X Mark III
  • Supports Firmware Version 1.4.0 or later for the EOS R6

Download the latest version of DPP and EOS Utility here.

Canon Pulls Olympics Promotional Booths Along With Other Sponsors, Report

Olympics Tokyo 2020

A different kind of rumor today. It seems many Japanese sponsors of the Olympic Games 2021 are cancelling promotional events and booths. Canon is also rumored to pull their promotional booths from the Olympics.

Sources told Reuters that sponsors are “frustrated by ‘very last minute’ decisions by organisers and a delay on whether spectators would be allowed“. It’s less than two weeks to go until the Olympics start. Citing two “people familiar with the matter”, Reuters reports:

Camera maker Canon Inc […] have scrapped plans to set up promotion booths along the “Olympic Promenade”

According to Reuters’ sources, Canon planned to set up a photo spot for visitors along the Tokyo waterfront. With no spectators allowed, it wouldn’t make much sense. Canon declined to comment to Reuters about the rumor.

Thanks Edina for the tip.

Firmware Update: Canon EOS R6 & EOS-1D X III Get Log 3 And Simultaneous Video Recording To 2 Cards

Canon Firmware EOS R6 Firmware

New firmware updates for the Canon EOS R6 and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III.

Canon EOS R6 firmware 1.4.0 incorporates the following enhancements and fixes (download):

1. Adds [Canon Log 3] to [Canon Log settings]. 
2. Simultaneous movie recording on card 1 and card 2 has been added.
3. Improves operation stability when using the RF400mm F2.8 L IS USM and RF600mm F4 L IS USM.
4. Fixes an issue in which, during HDMI connection, if the camera's screen turns off, a zebra pattern
is displayed via the HDMI output.
5. Fixes an issue in which sufficient image stabilization effects may not be attained immediately after the start of shooting.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III firmware 1.5.0 incorporates the following enhancements and fixes (download):

1. Adds [Canon Log 3] to [Canon Log settings]. 
• Support for RAW movies shot with Canon Log 3 and RAW (Light) will be available in a future version of Cinema RAW Development and in Digital Photo Professional software.
• Support for the processing of RAW movies shot with Canon Log 3 and the application of Viewing LUT will be available in a future version of Digital Photo Professional software.
2. Simultaneous movie recording on card 1 and card 2 has been added, however RAW movies and RAW(Light) movies cannot be recorded simultaneously on card 1 and card 2.
3. Support for the VPG 400(Video Performance Guarantee Profile), a standard based on the CFexpress 2.0 specification, has been added.
4. Fixes an issue in which there are rare instances where the shooting settings for Still Photo mode are retained when a user switches to Movie mode.