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Canon Released A New Specialised Imaging Sensor, The LI5030SA


Canon has released the LI5030SA, an imaging sensor for industrial and scientific applications, like microscopes, automation, surveillance, machine vision, to name a few.

The Canon LI5030 features a global shutter that simultaneously exposes all 19MP of the sensor’s resolution. Perfect for subject moving with high speed, like propeller blades (seen in countless videos to demonstrate artefacts caused by a rolling shutter). he sensor delivers 5688 x 3334 video resolution at 57.99 fps and 12bit via 24 channels of digital signal output. The LI5030SA family has these siblings: LI5030SAC (color), LI5030SAI (RGBIR, raffic monitoring cameras and industrial cameras that can simultaneously capture visible and near infrared areas), LI5030SAM (monochrome), and LI5030SAN (Naked, no microlens or color filter for electron microscopes and X-ray detection cameras).

Element structureimage size35mm full size
Effective number of pixels5688(H)×3336(V)
pixel size6.4μm×6.4μm
package182pin ceramic LCC
filter typeRGB, Mono, RGB-IR, Naked
Basic drive modeEffective pixel readout5688 (H) × 3336 (V) 12bit 57.99fps
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