Canon Announced New Line Of 4K Pan-Tilt Zoom PTZ Cameras

Ptz Cameras

So, here are the new Canon cameras that were rumored to get announced this week. The new cameras are pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras.

The Canon CR-N500, CR-N300, CR-X500 4K UHD PTZ cameras and RC-IP100 camera remote controller are scheduled to be available in the Summer of 2021.

Canon press release:

Canon U.S.A. Launches a Line of 4K UHD PTZ Cameras Ready For Integration Into a Variety of Environments

The Company Also Introduced the RC-IP100 Remote Camera Controller That Allows for the Control of Multiple Canon PTZ Cameras at Once

MELVILLE, NY, March 17, 2021Designed for use in a wide-range of applications in broadcast, education, house of worship, sports, and corporate environments, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to introduce the company’s first line of 4K UHD PTZ cameras – the CR-N500 and CR-N300 for indoor live-streaming and the outdoor CR-X500.

This new line of cameras capitalizes on Canon’s digital imaging and operational expertise from both professional camcorders and network cameras. This enables the cameras to not only deliver brilliant 4K imagery thanks to Canon’s CMOS sensors, DIGIC DV 6 Image Processor, and optical zoom lenses, but also smooth pan, tilt and zoom functionality that allows for on-air camera movement. The new indoor PTZ cameras support various video interfaces, including HDMI, IP, and 3G-SDI, and are also compatible with popular live production protocols like NDI|HX®, RTMP and more. The new outdoor PTZ camera supports 12G-SDI, and includes a durable, IP55 rated weather-resistant housing. In addition to the cameras, Canon has also introduced a new remote camera controller, the RC-IP100, which supports IP and serial connections and can operate camera functions such as pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and iris.

“In 2020, Canon introduced the System Integrator Program with the goal of developing strategic relationships with integrators, providing the organizations world-class support and cutting-edge digital imaging equipment,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, executive vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A.’s Imaging Technologies & Communications Group. “These new PTZ cameras and remote camera controller were designed with the system integrator market squarely in mind. We are eager to see how these cameras are incorporated into the creative solutions that they develop for end users.”

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Canon Kills Its “Imaging Division”, Creates “Optical Industry” With Additional Products Instead


Some radical changes undergoing Canon as a whole have been reported at the latest Company Strategy Conference. Thanks to EdinaMN for the tip.

Mr. Fujio Mitarai’s speech at the conference highlights the difficulties Canon has to face as a global company. What Mr. Mitarai outlines is a corporate reorganization plan which defines four new business domains where Canon is going to be active: printing, industrial equipment, medical, and optical industry. Canon calls this process changing from a product group to a industry group business structure (see image on top). In Mr. Mitarai’s words:

The newborn “Optical Industry” involves three main areas, the existing camera business, network cameras, and other optical devices like Canon’s specialized cameras for scientific applications or mixed reality technology.

It’s the third business area in the image above that seems to hold most of Canon’s hopes for the future:

Canon clearly states that the “camera market has contracted significantly due to advances made in smartphone image capture functions” and that the “broader optical industry is a promising growth area for imaging devices that comprise mainly lenses and sensors“. The image below gives ore insights.


All in all, Canon seems to be optimistic about the future. All material related to Canon’s Company Strategic Conference, including Mr. Fujio Mitarai’s speech, can be found here and are available for download.

Hacking Post: You Can Run A Minecraft Server On A Canon Rebel SL2

Rebel SL2 SL3 Minecraft Server

From the series of “totally pointless but absolutely cool” hacks today we feature a new one, and for sure one of the most weird: a Minecraft server running on a camera.

A hacker going by the handle Turtius installed and successfully run a Minecraft server on a Canon Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D in Europe). If you know how Minecraft works, then you likely know that the server (i.e. the SL2 in our example) is only running the “world” that is then displayed on the user’s computer. The game itself runs on the user’s computer. However, at least theoretically, other users could connect to the world managed on the server (the SL2).

The shot video below shows three points of view: i) via a smartphone recording the back of the camera and the monitor, ii) what the Rebel SL2 is seeing, and iii) a screen recording from the computer that is connected to the Canon Rebel SL2. Clearly the SL2 reaches its limits.

Turtius explains here how he did the hack, using avrcraft, a Minecraft server that’s optimized for 8-bit devices. Says Turtius:

[avrcraft] is fully running on the camera. I reverse-engineered the network module used by Canon which just so happens to expose Unix-like sockets and integrated avrcraft with Magic Lantern. It’s running a custom implementation provided by Canon’s operating system and using custom code to interact with the stuff provided by Canon on a lower level.”

Cool hack, eh?

Turtius used a modified version of the free Magic Lantern firmware add-on, and wrote code specifically for the Rebel SL2. You can find the full source code on GitHub but be warned: do it only if you know what you are doing otherwise you risk to brick your camera.

[via PetaPixel]

Canon USA Recognized As One Of The World’s Most Ethical Companies (4th year)

Top 10 Cameras Canon Rumors Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Canon Eos R Pro Eos R Canon Lens Explorers Of Light

Good to see that Canon makes achievements in domains that are not related to imaging technologies.

Canon press release:

Canon U.S.A. Recognized as One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the Fourth Consecutive Year by The Ethisphere Institute

MELVILLE, NY, March 1, 2021During a time when it has been crucial for companies to prioritize the values and needs of their customers and employees, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has remained committed to developing solutions that are designed to support ever-changing business needs. Reflecting this commitment, Canon U.S.A. is proud to share it has been recognized as one of the 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies for the fourth consecutive year by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices.

Of the 135 honorees spanning 22 countries and 47 industries, Canon U.S.A. is the only company to be recognized within the Imaging Technology industry category, showcasing the company’s strong global standards, business integrity, corporate citizenship and overall brand value. As a result of the company’s positive influence, impact in business communities, and ongoing support during COVID-19, Canon U.S.A. stands out amongst others to the Ethisphere Institute.

“While addressing the tough challenges of 2020, we saw companies lead – above all other institutions – on earning the trust of stakeholders through resilience and a commitment to ethics and integrity,” said Timothy Erblich, CEO, Ethisphere Institute. “The World’s Most Ethical Companies honorees continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the highest values and positively impacting the communities they serve. Congratulations to everyone at Canon U.S.A. for earning the World’s Most Ethical Companies designation.”

Rooted in Ethisphere’s proprietary Ethics Quotient®, the World’s Most Ethical Companies assessment process includes more than 200 questions on culture, environmental and social practices, ethics and compliance activities, governance, diversity and initiatives to support a strong value chain. The process serves as an operating framework designed to showcase the leading practices of organizations across industries around the world. This year, the process was streamlined and set to further gauge how applicants are adapting and responding to the global health pandemic, environmental, social, and governance factors, safety, equity and inclusion, and social justice.

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Canon Prepares For Increased Homeworking, Releases The Canon Posture Fit Camera

Canon Posture Fit

The global pandemic led to more people working from home. It seems that Canon is taking this in account by releasing a new concept camera called the Posture Fit.

The Canon Posture Fit, Canon’s latest concept camera, recognizes when you sit down at the desk the Posture Fit is placed. From there it will periodically check how you are seating. After an hour it advises to stand up and to take a break.

The video below tells the story of Canon’s concept cameras and which ideas and concepts led to them. If you want to just see the presentation of the Posture Fit jump to minute 24:20.

Says Canon about their concept cameras:

Our relationship with cameras is radically transforming. Canon designers work hard to experience the mindset of customers, and with a strong commitment to understanding, have come up with many innovative new designs. This video seminar tells the story of how designers in charge of the IVY REC, PowerShot ZOOM and Posture Fit Device developed the design of these products by understanding users’ passion through opinion gathering at trade expos and other activities.

More coverage of Canon concept cameras is listed here.

The Canon Posture Fit

Canon Releases Photo Culling App With Artificial Intelligence (iOS only so far)

Photo Culling

Canon has released an app for the most indecisive photographers out there: the new Canon Photo Culling app. 

Currently available on Apple iOS, the Canon Photo Culling app uses Canon’s new AI known as PHIL (Photography Intelligence Learning) to help determine your best photos based on scores against four models: sharpnessnoiseemotions and closed eyes. The app will also suggest deleting duplicative photos. Whether you’re looking to trim down your photo gallery to save precious space on your phone or just trying to find the best of the best, Canon’s Photo Culling app will make your photo management a better experience.

Available for download via the App Store, the Photo Culling app has two subscription options: $2.99 per month or $14.99 for the year, each with a three-day trial. For more information, please visit,

Canon press release:

Need a Digital Photo Assistant? Canon U.S.A. has you Covered with the Company’s First-Ever Photo Culling App

Canon Also Publicly Debuts “PHIL,” the Company’s Computer-Vision Artificial Intelligence Engine

MELVILLE, NY, February 11, 2021According to a recent report from Keypoint Intelligence, 1.4 trillion photos were taken worldwide in 2020 and 7.4 trillion images were stored1. With these staggering numbers, it could be overwhelming for the average consumer to decide what photos are best to keep and store. Delivering expert photo advice in the form of an app, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announces its Photo Culling app. Compatible with iOS devices2, this brand-new app helps determine a user’s best photos based on scores against four models: sharpness, noise, emotions and closed eyes, using Canon’s Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence Engine known as “PHIL” (abbreviated for Photography Intelligence Learning) 3. Additionally, the app will suggest deleting duplicative photos, making it easy for the consumer to free up space on their smartphone.

“In today’s ever-changing and overwhelming world, where thousands of photos are captured and stored in a person’s smartphone, consumers need an expert, reliable and intuitive photo tool to help them decide the best photos based on years of trusted knowledge and technology,” said Tatsuro “Tony” Kano, executive vice president and general manager of the Imaging Technologies & Communications Group of Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Canon U.S.A.’s new Photo Culling App is the answer and we are proud to see how the company’s Computer Vision technology within this app can assist consumers with finding and keeping their best photos of their fondest moments.”

The Photo Culling app features two culling options:

  • Whole Culling: Determines the best photos based on the absolute best scores against the four models: sharpness, noise, emotions and closed eyes. If the score is over the threshold the user sets, the photo is considered to be the best. The remaining images would be suggested as deletions.
  • Similar Culling: Determines the best photos based on score comparison among a similar group of photos. The highest-scoring photos within the group are considered the best photos. A second photo may also be selected as the second-best photo within the group. The remaining images would be suggested as deletions. The app is also able to find similar photos and group them together. For example, If a user selects 10 photos of a dog and 10 photos of a sunset, it will break the photos into two groups and find the best photo of each; one of the dog and one of the sunset.

In addition to its culling options, the Photo Culling app also features:

  • Photo Counts and Storage: Shows the number of photos a user has as well as the amount of phone storage on the Home Screen
  • Event Album: Categorizing and placing photos in albums on the Home Screen. These are dynamic albums based on events/date throughout the year and the app will pull events that have a large number of photos and suggest the user review these photos to delete and save space
  • Features in the Setting Screens: Displaying the number of photos deleted, the current subscription plan (see details below), option for notifications, parameter setting for each score against sharpness, noise, emotion and closed eyes. Users also can adjust these settings, such as changing how much of an impact noise has on a photo versus closed eyes4
  • Dark and Light Mode Settings Screen Option: Displays screens either as a dark or light mode option