Here Are 5 Reasons To Get The Canon EOS R, And A First Look On The Kipon ELEGANT 75mm f/2.4 Lens

Canon Eos R Firmware Update

Mattias Burling posted a short video where he explains why the Canon EOS R does well for his professional work. And he had a chance to use the new Kipon ELEGANT 75mm f/2.4 lens for EOS R mount.

He says:

[…] there is much more to like about the camera than I list in this video. For example in camera video color, highlight roll off, audio, etc, etc. Another negative is that its a bit too feature rich, capable and easy to use for it to challenge […] creatively on the streets. For recreational shooting I prefer something more limiting.

And I know there will be 4K crusaders commenting on me liking HD. […] I started shooting 4K Raw video before most you even left 720p. So I know all about it. The fact is that I have use had the HD from the EOS-R projected together with FS7 4K on huge screen and no one notices any difference. Law of diminishing return and the right tool for the job.