Canon PowerShot G15 vs G12 vs S110 Comparison (and some reviews)

Canon PowerShot G15 vs G12 vs S110 Comparison
Image credit: Ron Martinsen

Ron Martinsen compares three Canon Powershot cameras: PowerShot G15 ($499) vs Powershot G12 ($379) vs PowerShot S110 ($449). The last one features built-in WiFi. Some excerpts from Martinsen’s review:

  • Functionality-wise [he] found the G12 and G15 to be mostly the same with the biggest feature difference being the Full HD (1920×1080) support added to the G15 and the max ISO jumping from 3200 to 12,800
  • The big WOW feature of the s110 has to be its touch screen which really helps it to overcome its lack of buttons.
  • The addition of integrated Wi-Fi support on s110 was pretty exciting when I first started to review it. Once setup […] it became even more obvious how this is so much more than Eye-Fi. What you end up with is a device on your network that you can pair with your phone, printer, computer and more for an integrated wireless experience

From the conclusion:

[…] For starters, the s110 is much improved over the s95 that I reviewed back when the G12 came out. The touch screen helps it to overcome some of my past gripes, and the Wi-Fi support plus big rear display really up its value beyond just being compact. As a result, I feel a lot more comfortable recommending the s110 as a nice pocketable point and shoot.

The G15 on the other hand has made good progress getting smaller, but I honestly think it’s lost some of the things that made the G12 so great in the process. While it is smaller and lighter, I still don’t think people will consider it any more pocketable (and truth be told if you can fit a G15 in your pocket, you most likely can a G12 too – both fit in my back jeans pocket). It’s also disappointing to not see some of the s110’s features on the G15 which make it feel a bit dated by comparison.

There are also sample pics shot which each camera. More links for you to check:

  • Photographyblog has another batch of PowerShot G15 sample shots (studio shots inclusive) to check.
  • c|net has a PowerShot S110 review, they write: Nice photo quality, improved autofocus performance, and a very compact design make the Canon PowerShot S110 a solid option if you’re looking for something between a point-and-shoot and an enthusiast compact.

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Noise comparison: G1 X vs G12

The guys at made a ISO noise comparison using a studio shot. Results are interesting while not really surprising: it is known that Canon’s new toy performs rather well at high ISO settings (yes, I know: you all are aware the G1 X sports a sensor near the size of an APS-C). But we are all curios to see high ISO shots of the G1 X, aren’t we? ;-)
The basic settings for the test is described as follows:

To compare noise levels under real-life conditions I shot this scene with the Canon PowerShot G1 X and its ‘predecessor’, the PowerShot G12 within a few moments of each other using their best quality JPEG settings at each of their ISO sensitivity settings.

Both cameras were set to f4 in Aperture Priority and the lenses adjusted to deliver the same field of view. The ISO sensitivity was set manually, apart from in the final row of crops where the G1 X was set to Handheld Night Scene and the G12 to Low Light mode. Note in the crops below, the G1 X was using its default Standard Noise Reduction setting.

Check the review clicking here

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