Comparing The Impossible: Canon EOS-1D X II (20MP) vs Samsung Galaxy S21 (108MP)

Galaxy S21

A comparison that is beyond comparing apples to pears. How do the 20.2MP Canon EOS-1D X Mark II compare with the 108MP Samsung Galaxy S21?

Coming from Kevin Raposo, the short video below looks to how Canon’s previous flagship DSLR, compares to Samsung’s last generation smartphone. The EOS-1D X Mark II is currently selling at $4,499, the Galaxy S21 starts at $699. The comparison is made for fun, as Kevin points out:

Galaxy S21 Ultra pictures are completely unedited, aside from light cropping. They were shot in .jpg format using the native camera software, using various modes (including ‘pro’ mode, night mode, and portrait mode).

Canon 1DX Mark II pictures were shot in .cr2 format, lightly cropped and processed to match the colors of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, then exported in .jpg format. Examples of ‘light processing’ would include adding¬†+20 to the shadows or slight white balance adjustments. No clarity, tone curves, or anything more significant.

Why did I lightly edit the Canon 1DX Mark II pictures instead of the Galaxy S21 Ultra pictures? Because the highly compressed .jpg images coming out of the Galaxy S21 Ultra would probably have fallen apart if I tried to push the color as much as I did with the Canon 1DX Mark II.

A reminder: this comparison is FOR FUN, meant to demonstrate a bit more about how megapixels actually work, and NOT meant to be highly technical or serious.

[via DPReview]