Topaz Labs Released Gigapixel 7 (upscale & enhance photos with AI)

Gigapixel 7

Topaz Labs released Gigapixel 7. You can upscale and enhance photos with Gigapixel 7.

What’s new:

  • Updated AI engine which should allow better compatibility and faster processing
  • Added Standard and High Fidelity v2 models
  • Refreshed the UI with new design and controls
  • Updated preferences with new options
  • Added panning and pinch to zoom gestures in preview
  • Added updated RAW preview handling (should be closer to Photo AI)
  • Added ability to capture before/after in split and side by side views
  • Added ability to move the file list up and down via dragging
  • Changed logic for selections
  • Changed controls to show mixed states if multiple images with different values are selected

Get Gigapixel 7 at $99