Photo Industry Rumor: Sony Working On A Sensor With “zigzag manner pixel type” ?


Interesting rumor from the Sony front. A new imaging sensor with new technology might be in the works.

Our friends at Sony Alpha Rumors got a hot tip about a new imaging sensor with “zigzag manner pixel type”. A source told them:

Sony released the information of a zigzag manner pixel type, high-speed 12lane SLVS-EC 5G, 61 megapixels full-frame Exmor R sensor for value-added reseller. This sesnor [sic] has 3.76um pixel size but 45-degree rotated, to output 120 megapixels for industry or security application.

Their source also sent them a leaflet that appears to refer to this new imaging sensor. Looks rather interesting. Sony has always been a huge technological innovator in the camera industry. Wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with a new technology. In any case a new imaging sensor released by this company is always a big thing. And btw, Canon is also producing a large set of super specialised imaging sensors. Some of then are truly exciting, like extreme high ISO sensors that “can see in the dark“.