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48 Led Ring Flash for Macro-Photography for just $30 (€22)

Want a cool accessory for your macro-photography adventures? Then this may be for you. The Neewer LED Macro Ring Light with 48 leds to enlighten your creativity. A ring flash that can be mounted directly on the lens, with three lighting options: full, left side only, right side only, powered by two AA batteries. Output is around 15GN, enough for good macros. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? The flash can also be used for normal shots and comes with different adapters: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, and 67mm. At this price you can’t expect to get a piece of photo-tech that is unbreakable, but for $30 this might be your next übercool accessory, and a bargain too.

I found it in stock and ready to ship in the following shops:


Weight of Ring Flash Body: 125g
Weight of Control Unit: 60g
Weight of Electricity Charger: 115g
Weight of Step Ring: 100g
Size of Step Rings: 49mm/52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm
LED Index: Approx. 15GN (all light on)
Coiled Cord Length: Approx. 100cm
Voltage Range: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Electric Power Consumption: Approx. 5w (all light on)
Power Source: AA batteries×2, or DC3V
Working Hours: 1.5 hours with 1.5V alkaline batteries , 1.0 hour with 1.2V rechargeable batteries

[via thedigitalstory]
  • AnuN

    This led light is not without problems. I used to have it, but sold it as it caused significant metameric issues, that is the colors were wrong and often impossible to fix in post. Basicly this led “flash” is a toy, not suitable for more serious work.

    (it can be all right for indoor product shots, though color issues will be there. Outdoors this “flash” is quite impossible to use unless one plans to convert to B&W.)

  • 32323

    well is it a flash or a permanent light???

    • Frank

      Both. Flash & permanent

      • AnuN

        It’s not a flash, but a permanent light.

  • 32323

    well i read some reviews about it.. your the first that has this issues anun.

    • AnuN

      No, I’m the first who bothers to report it. The reason for this is the spectra of the led lights used in this gizmo. It is a cheap toy with some uses, but not useful for anything more serious.

      (Additionally, since it is not a flash it has very limited range, especially when the lens is stopped down as often is in closeup and macro photography, but that’s a different story.)

      Please don’t take me wrong – it is just fine for some uses, like taking pictures of small objects if you don’t need to care abput the colors much – like taking pictures of your objectives or such. But for example insect photography is not for this led light.

  • 32323

    yeah it is for macro… so i guess it has a limited range.
    of course nobody in it´s right mind would use this for portraits. :)

    but i saw some photos made with it and did not noticed any wrong colors.

  • jajjan
  • jajjan
  • jajjan
  • jajjan
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