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Another Crazy Canon EOS 5D Mark III Deal ($2886)

Another Crazy Canon EOS 5D Mark III Deal ($2886)

Here you are, the next crazy EOS 5D Mark III deal by top rated ebay seller bigvalueinc. Get Canon's high performing full frame DSLR for $2,886 (body only, click here to check the deal).

Btw, check the cool for eBay deals.

[via The Digital Picture]


  • vince

    I dont believe they are an authorized canon dealer

  • Bite Me

    Because no one is buying full frame at canon prices… Blame mirrorless to snag market share.

    EOS-M? Failure to launch.

  • Admin

    It’s a top rated ebay seller. We carefully choose which sellers we feature here at CW.

    • Bob B.

      Thanks for the info Frank…I kind of figured you would not post ner-do-wells…
      Now can you find me a retailer with a $700 price drop on the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 II??????

  • Admin

    If I could, I would. :-) maybe you have just to wait for a few months

  • AG

    This is what the price should have been from the start.

    • Bob B.


    • smileblog


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