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Canon EOS 6D DXOMarked (scores 82, 1 point better than 5D3)

I am not a big fan of sensor scores. However, DXOMark measured the beat of the EOS 6D sensor and rated it just one point higher as the EOS 5D Mark III.


  • Bob B.

    I put no stock in ANYTHING that DXO says. Give me Roger from Lens Rental, SLR Gear, or anyone who consistently over the years shows me results that I have backed up with my own experiences. I find DXO to be laughable in many of their conclusions. (who owns them?).
    Although…I must concede in this particular instance they are most likely spot on as they do agree with my other treasured sources. :-)

  • AG

    If all brands are measured the same way, then we can’t just say they are biased or bogus. It is a clinical lab measurement, but it seems Canon owners are not willing to accept the outcome.

    We just need to accept the scores for what they are, but know they aren’t the only important factor. As it stands results show that Sony Semiconductor division outpacing Canon. That is an engineering feat, but doesn’t mean Sony/Nikon make a better camera.

    IMO and experience with brands Canon and Sony, in the APS-C sensor, Sony has lept ahead and Canon will need to catch up.

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