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Could The Canon EOS 70D Auto-Focus Be The Best of Its Class?

More and more photography sites are testing the Canon EOS 70D, having a particularly sharp eye on its auto-focus performance. The EOS 70D’s Dual Pixel AF performance is so good that dpreview says it outperforms conventional AF.

Photography Bay tested the EOS 70D’s AF and compared it with Sony A77‘s, they are:

[…] very impressed with the 70D’s AF functionality. It may be the best AF out there among cameras with larger sensors. This includes the Sony A77 and mirrorless cameras that [they have] used to date. While the A77 is fast and accurate, the autofocus can be a little too “jumpy” at times when shooting video. The 70D moves slow and more natural (like a camcorder) so that the AF isn’t as jarring as it sometimes is with the A77

The video above was made by them. And I totally agree when they say that “the 70D is looking like it’s the best APS-C camera that Canon has released since the 7D“. Well, yes, it is. :)

For a tecnical introduction to the Dual Pixel CMOS AF have a look at this article by CPN. In the past DxOMark also compared the EOS 70D AF with the Sony A77.

Canon EOS 70D
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EOS 70D Auto-Focus

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