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Canon EOS 70D Full Video Review (LearningCameras)

The video above is a 22 minutes review and test of the Canon EOS 70D by LearningCameras. It is a pretty good introduction to all the features of the EOS 70D.

I am still on travel in the US, so again I apologise for not posting as usual. However, got my EOS 70D today and even if I did not yet have time to try it out as I would like I am very satisfied with the first impression. Canon brought back to the XxD line a lot of features they took away when they released the EOS 60D three years ago (AF micro-adjustement, just to mention one). The things I like most so far: electronic level in the view-finder, AD micro-adjustement, solid build (though not as rugged as the 40D and 50D), flip screen, 19 points AF, WiFi, the Dual Pixel CMOS AF. I think Canon did also a great j0b with the positioning of all the controls and buttons: everything appears well positioned and designed. The touch screen works fine (if you want to use it, I do not).

The EOS 70D is for sure the most innovative camera Canon made since years, a truly well designed piece of gear. I am not into videography but I am sure videographers will love the EOS 70D.

Canon EOS 70D
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