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Canon EOS 70D vs Nikon D7100 Comparison Shootout (video)

Thanks to reader Thierry I can feature a pretty interesting and well made Canon EOS 70D vs Nikon D7100 shootout video (34 minutes) made by YouTube user MichaelTheMentor.  The video compares all the features of both cameras, it is a good guide for those who have to decide which one to get (the EOS 70D, obviously!) – it lasts 34 minutes but it is definitely worth to be seen if you are interested to learn about the EOS 70D. The EOS 70D is a damn well made all-round DSLR and I am glad Canon did finally deliver a truly innovative product for enthusiast and semi-pro photogs. Have a great day.

Canon EOS 70D
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Canon EOS 70D vs Nikon D7100

  • 54235423

    sure nice for some to see better video features.

    but canon has to make progress when it comes to image quality.
    not that the image quality is bad or not good enough.

    but better DR and noise/banding free shadows are more important to me then a better AF when doing video.

    the next canon FF cameras have to show increased sensor performance or it will be very hard for them to sell me a new camera. my canons offer me all the features i want/need. what i want for my next canon is a leap in image quality.

    i do mostly A2+ prints of landscapes and macros.. so yes i can make use of it.

  • shootmeplease

    Great job on the comparison.
    There has been plenty of image quality discussions online, but handling performance isn’t shown nearly as much.

    Just wondering how lens performance affects your testing, since you can’t use the same lens for different camera mounts.
    I’d love to see a list of lenses used for all the tests.

  • Larry L

    Great review!
    I am a Nikon shooter planning to update my D300s. From having had medium format & 35mm cameras back in the day, I am not as interested in some of the new features, but more interested in getting the shot and the final quality of the photo. I was a bit suprised the new Cannon has the same 22.5 bits on color as my old D300s. It seems they lean more after those who want more video and internet features with all the new bells and whistles targeting perhaps a more consumer based market.

    Since I never do video in any assignments, I feel that aspect should be a totally separate rating. A camera’s still performance should be rated as just that.

  • Brandon

    Awesome review!! Thank you! I actually just ordered the 70D, and I wanted to make sure I made the right choice. I’m definitely going to look into your training videos as well, as this will be my first DSLR.

    Thanks again, and great job!! Really enjoyed watching this.

    • Admin

      You made the right choice! The 70D is an awesome DSLR and will not disappoint you.

      • Brandon

        Thank you! I’m pretty excited to start shooting with it.

  • Carlos

    I had the same line on a Canon G12.
    Changed it for a new one (took a few months through Best Buy, new one was OK.
    Seems like something to watch out for!


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