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Canon EOS 80D tutorial video

Canon EOS 80D Tutorial Video

Did you get your new Canon EOS 80D? Then the tutorial video below by Tony Northrup may be what you are looking for. Watch an extensive introduction to features and functionalities of the EOS 80D. A thoroughly tutorial video lasting over an hour.

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Table of contents:

01:02 Battery, Memory Card
02:14 Ports
03:20 Taking a Picture
04:37 Reviewing a Picture
05:44 Diopter
06:34 Aperture Priority
10:11 Shutter Priority
14:07 Manual Mode
16:30 Night Photography
17:13 Landscape Photography
17:20 Widlife
17:28 Bulb Mode
18:54 Shutter Modes
22:02 Focusing Modes
23:41 Focusing Areas
25:16 Moving the Focus Point
26:27 Changing ISO
27:51 Auto Limits
28:38 Exposure Compensation
30:50 Wi-Fi
33:58 Raw
35:26 Metering Modes
36:27 Flash
37:10 Flash Exposure Compensation
38:07 White Balance
39:45 Video
43:13 Formatting a Memory Card
44:18 Disabling the Beep
44:48 Interval Timer
46:26 Mirror Lockup
47:57 Back-button Focus
50:06 My Menu
51:10 Gear Suggestions

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