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Canon Interviews Engineers on Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology (EOS 70D)


The Canon Digital Learning Center published an 8 pages interview with the engineers that are behind the Canon EOS 70’s new and groundbreaking Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus system. The PDF file can be downloaded here (scroll down the page, the link to the PDF is at the bottom).

The text starts citing three widespread assumptions:

The correct way to take photos is by looking through an optical viewfinder and shooting

Live View is a subsidiary function, inferior to the optical viewfinder

The DSLR’s movie mode is so difficult, as to be usable only by a professional

And then goes on:

Dual Pixel CMOS AF is a new technology that will cast aside these assumptions. The entire surface of the sensor is lined with pixels composed of two photodiodes each, and the image plane phase-difference detection AF focuses using the phase-difference of the two parallax images.

Even when shooting with Live View, because it is phase-difference detection the AF is fast. Rather than pixels dedicated to AF, the pixels have both AF and imaging functions, all effective pixels can also be used for imaging. Now Live View Shooting will be a shooting method choice that is equal to optical viewfinder shooting.

Definitely worth a read!

[via NC]

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