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Canon patent application for lens barrel design that allows to insert and remove an optical element

Canon Patent Application For Lens Barrel Design That Allows To Insert And Remove An Optical Element

Canon patent application EP3267238 (A1) describes a lens barrel design where you can insert and remove an optical element, i.e. you can insert or remove an optical filter.

From the abstract:

The present invention relates to a technique to insert and remove an optical element into and from an optical path of an image pickup optical system. A first drive mechanism (12) moves a first element (34) in an optical axis direction. A second element (23) is located at an image surface side of the first element and is selectively inserted in the optical path. A second drive mechanism (24) moves a holding member (18) holding the second element in a direction different from an optical axis. A control unit (65) controls the first drive mechanism to move the first element to an object side to a position where the first element and the holding member are not overlapped when viewing in a direction perpendicular to the optical axis, controls the second drive mechanism to remove the second element from the optical path, when they are overlapped.

Being able to insert a filter into the lens barrel sounds pretty cool to me. If I got the patent application right, then the optical element (i.e. the filter) is inserted where the arrow points to in the image at top.

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