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Canon Patent: Head Mounted Display For Photographic Information

Canon Patent

A new Canon patent, and I am not sure I understood it entirely.

Canon patent application 2023179231 (Japan, published 12/19/2023) discusses technology and methods for a “head mounted display” that shows photographic information “according to the photographer’s line of sight”. Is this some sort of smart glasses that display information?

From the patent literature:

  • An object of the present invention is to provide a photographing device system having a display member that displays scale information of an operation ring according to the line of sight of a photographer.
  • Conventionally, in order to display photographing information on a head-mounted display device, a system has been proposed in which information is displayed on one of the display sections within the left and right visual fields, as disclosed in Patent Document 1, for example.
  • In the conventional example, an operation on the camera side was required to display information on photographic equipment on the display section. Therefore, when both hands cannot be used for the operation of photographing itself, it is difficult to instantly display the status of necessary parts of the photographic equipment.
  • Accordingly, an object of the present invention is to provide a photographing apparatus system having a display device that is attached to the head and displays the status of necessary photographic equipment according to the photographer’s line of sight.
  • Means for Solving the Problems
    In order to achieve the above object, the present invention provides a lens having a manually operated member and a movable lens group that is driven according to the amount of operation of the manually operated member; It is a head-mounted display device that displays images shot through the lens, and the head-mounted display device includes a display section that divides the display content into left and right sides, and a display section that displays images taken by the head-mounted display device. It has a camera unit that photographs the direction of the person’s line of sight, the manual operation member has a scale marker, and the display unit displays photographing information of the lens at a position near the scale marker. do.
  • Next, a flow for the photographer 50 to obtain photographing information such as the focus, zoom, and iris of the lens 30 during photographing will be described. FIG. 2 shows a state in which the photographer 50 directs his/her line of sight in the direction of the focus ring 31 in order to obtain focus information. The display section 2b on the right eye side of the HMD 1 displays an image captured by the camera 20. One display section 2a is in a state where the surface of the lens 30 is visible through the display section 2a.

Comments welcome :-)

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[via asobinet]

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