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Canon USA (Chuck Westfall) about the EOS 5D Mark III

Photographer Arash Hazeghi interviewed Chuck Westfalltechnical advisor at the Professional Engineering & Solutions Division, Canon U.S.A. The interview focuses on the principal technical features of the EOS 5D Mark III. It is worth to be read, especially if you want to know  what Canon itself has to say about its new full-frame camera. However, no hints about future developments, i.e. about a possible high res full-frame camera by Canon. Mr. Westfall’s answer: «no comment on Canon’s future plans or products». That’s a pity!

Here some excerpts from the interview (click here to read the interview):

  • Sensor IQ-related improvements
    • Gapless Microlenses: more light can reach each photodiode on the sensor (5D Mark II had gapless microlenses)
    • New photodiode structure: improved photoelectric conversion rate.
    • On-chip noise reduction: has been improved
  • Higher data throughput: good for EOS movie-making
  • Why 22 Megapixel?
    • base level IQ
    • high continuous shooting spead (6 fps)
  • A new DPP version to come out
    • will have digital lens optimizing
  • 5D Mark III AF sensor and AI Servo III have same tracking algorithm as EOS 1DX
  • Shutter lag time is 59milliseconds (5D2: 73msec)
  • Viewfinder blackout time is 112msec (5D2: 145msec)

For more information about the EOS 5D Mark III (reviews, sample pics, world-wide order and pre-order options) click here. For a comprehensive hands-on review of the EOS 5D Mark III by DPreview click here.

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