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Canon vs Nikon – A Comparison to Make the Right Choice (Canon, obviously)

Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto made this video where he compares a bunch of Canon and Nikon cameras. While I strongly suggest you go for a Canon (surprised?) it is never the less interesting to see what Nikon has to offer.

Just a few observations. As Jared Polin points out, Nikon’s mount type does not allow for an auto-focusing lens as fast as f/1.2 (there is more about this in his article):

What many people are not aware of is that Nikon can not produce the F1.2 lenses like Canon can. Nikon’s mount simply wont allow for it to make auto focus lenses similar to Canon’s  85mm f/1.2and shoplink 177]EF 50mm f/1.2[/shoplink]. You have to take this into consideration when you are searching out a camera.

A  winning point for Canon imo. Moreover, have you heard about Nikon D750’s flare shading issue? The issue is caused by an internal component in the camera housing that’s blocking part of the light that is reflected from the AF sensor, blocking it from reaching the sensor. Oh, and do you remember the Nikon D600’s oil spilling issue? Want a seriously engineered camera? Go for a Canon. Just my 2 cents…

[via FroKnowsPhoto]
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