DSLR Sales Ranking

The top ranking of DSLR Camera in June by BCN Japan
The May index digital SLR on BCN Ranking in Japan had shown a new scene: Nikon and Canon which accounts more than 30%, against the mirror-less ‘SLR Olympus, Sony and Panasonic.
It was and it is the current landscape created after the massive entry of new mirror-less.
Opening the page ranking Digital SLR Camera of June, BCN gives this new list.
Note that the sales ranking is represented by cameras with lens kit. BCNranking.jp

Ranking Digital SLR Camera
Period: 2011/06/01 ~ 2011/06/30
.1 Nikon D3100 D3100WZ Double Zoom Kit .2 Canon EOS Kiss X5 Double Zoom Kit .3 Canon EOS Kiss X4Double Zoom Kit .4 Nikon D3100 Lens Kit D3100 .5 Nikon D5100 Double Zoom Kit .6 Nikon D90 AF-S DX 18-105G VR Lens Kit .7 Panasonic LUMIX GF2 Shell White Double Lens Kit .8 Sony NEX-5 Double Lens Kit .9 Nikon D7000 Lens Kit .10 Canon EOS 60D EF-S18-135 IS Lens Kit

Pentax will be sold to Ricoh

Hoya confirms the sale of Pentax to Richo.
In 2007 Hoya and Pentax merged their companies mainly to gain access to its medical technology and now Hoya Pentax Corporation sells the camera business to Richo.
The sale of the camera field was expected, but not the buyer.
We’ll see!
Here the Notice of Sale which will be in October.


Yahoo Engineer Jaisen Mathai left Flickr and took to Kickstarter his open source Flikr Alternative. Therefore at the moment he’s raising money and likely the installable source code will run by September and this will be downloadable from Github.
Here the main points of the project, taken from Kickstarter.
• Build a top notch photo sharing service that stores photos, tags and comments into a users cloud service account (i.e. Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloudfiles or Dropbox)
• Provide two versions of the service, both free – installable and hosted
• Allow photos to be easily uploaded, searchable and shared via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Document the crap out of it so others can build their own OpenPhoto applications
• Open source the installable version on Github.

OpenPhoto (via PP and TechCrunch)

Canon work in progress

PMA Australia has not seen any Canon Announcements “and even a categorical ‘No new 1 series this year’ heard from the mouth of a Canon person.” Northlight Images
Many hypotheses and many open questions.
The only official declaration is that reported by PMA Newsline on June 21 and points out the beginning of big things :
The 2011 Digital Life Expo marks the start of big things for Canon in the remaining six months of this year and is a great opportunity to engage directly with our consumers and bring our campaigns to life,” says Jason McLean, director of Canon Consumer Imaging. “We’ve managed our way very well through the challenges of the first half posed by the Japan earthquake situation and, with product supply improving, we’re investing heavily for growth in the second half.” PMA Newsline

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