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[Deal] Adobe Photoshop CS6 And Lightroom 4 For Just $390 (exp 8/31)

B&H has crazy great Adobe deal going on, and expiring tomorrow August 31st. You can have Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Lightroom 4 bundled together for just $389.90. Both Windows (click here) and Mac (click here) versions are available. This is a bargain, consider that Photoshop CS6 alone usually comes for around $700.

  • Che

    Thanks you so much, you just saved me ~$900 off the full retail price of these products in Australia!!!!!!!!

    I will be clicking every ad on your website :)

  • Admin

    Hi Che, glad to hear it! It’s a great deal indeed, ending today.

  • Luis Santos

    It´s yet August 31st but the offer is over… :-(

    The price is US$789.90 now… >:-(

  • Euthenics

    Damn, I miss this one. Please post this again should there be any. I wonder if we could buy it if we are in overseas?

    • Che


      It was possible to buy overseas, I bought from Australia with no issues yet.

  • John Lamm

    I had the same problem…called at 12:20, just after noon on Friday from California on Friday, the 31st and the price was back up. So much for B&H

  • Admin

    Guys, I am so sorry. Looks like B&H made the deal exprire a day earlier.

  • Euthenics

    Any such deal coming soon? Hope there will be since Black Friday is coming soon.

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