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Deal: Canon EOS 70D Kits At B&H Photo

B&H Photo has some EOS 70D deals going on for a limited time. Free shipping and 2% rewards. NB: all prices show up in cart:

  • jb

    Odd that this is making the rounds and not the deal that was available on B&H just a few days ago (it was available for several weeks and I’m not sure but might have even been left over from the holidays). The 70D + 18-135 STM + Pixma Pro 100 + 50 sheets of photo paper + 16 GB class 10 Transcend memory card + Canon camera bag all for $1249 after $400 MIR. That’s $50 less than the current deal for the camera and same lens but you also got a memory card, printer, paper, and a camera bag.
    So again, I think it’s odd that this deal is getting pointed out.

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