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EOS 1D-X Review By Philip Bloom (worth the money for the video?)

Philip Bloom made a short movie with the purpose of testing the EOS-1D X video capabilities. The 1D-X was announced a long time ago, 8 months if I am not wrong, and is just by now getting stocked in the major shops. The video was partially shot using also a Canon C300. A long and detailed review, with lots of insights in the workflow. Definitely worth to be seen and to be read. About the EOS 1D-X P. Bloom has to say:

Is it worth the extra money? Yes and no. As a stills camera, it is second to none. Video wise, the video is much better than the Mk3, it’s better than the D800. Is it that much better taking into account the price? Yes and no. The Mk3 is still great and much smaller, lighter and cheaper. I wish the Mk3 image looked as smashing as this…I really hope Canon bring out a 7D replacement and a 60D replacement with All-I and the video quality that this camera produces.

Check the following shops to order the EOS 1D-X: Amazon US (click here), DigitalRev (click here), Adorama (click here) and B&H (click here). The usual list price is $6,799.

[Philip Bloom, via nofilmschool]


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