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Everything You Want To Know About The EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Update And Atomos Ninja 2

This video from Stefan Czech tells you everything you want to know about the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) firmware update (1.2.1), HDMI, and the Atomos Ninja 2. More information can be found in the planet5d forum.

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00:01:15 Feedback on Canon 5D Mark III

00:01:48 Introduction to Clean HDMI Out

00:02:05 Firmware (3 Focus)

00:02:16 Definition of Clean HDMI Out (Guidelines)

00:03:28 Introducing Atomos Ninja 2

00:03:59 Transmitting HDMI Signal and Timecode

00:04:30 Delivering Sound from HDMI Signal to External Recorder

00:06:05 What is Atomos Ninja 2? (How it records)

00:06:50 Two codecs of Ninja 2 and what works best for you

00:09:24 Storage explained

00:10:35 ProRes codec explained

00:11:46 Internal recording signal vs External recording signal

00:12:56 Ninja 2 as field monitor (Peaking)

00:13:50 Aperture Adjustment explained (Zebra)

00:14:38 False Color

00:15:00 Watch, edit and export recordings using Ninja 2

00:15:36 Difference between footage recorded on 4:2:0 and 4:2:2

00:16:40 Sample color enhancement

00:18:13 Menu selection and adjustments in 5D Mark III before attaching to HDMI device

00:20:15 Attaching Hard Drive to Ninja

00:21:02 Setting up Ninja 2 for the first time

00:25:32 How to record externally only on Ninja 2 (Magnification tricks)

00:27:49 Tips when recording longer footage using Ninja 2

00:28:49 Ports, Power source and Battery options of the Ninja 2

00:30:03 Using a wireless transmitter for the audio system (Audio recording explained)

00:31:20 Using Zacuto Pincher to secure camera

00:32:08 Using a Steadicam with the Ninja 2

00:34:22 Canon and Atomos working together to create Ninja

00:35:20 Product Price and content included with Ninja 2

00:36:56 Availability of Ninja 2 and special deal from Atomos

00:37:23 Hard Drive and HDMI Cable not included in the package

00:37:33 What HDMI cable to use

[via planet5d]


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