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More on Canon’s light-leaking issue

The possible light-leaking issue of the EOS 5D Mark III is making people curios. And while it is true that if your cam is working as expected (and as it should) with mounted lenses there is no “real issue”, it is still worth to trace down this thing. Let’s see it from a hacker’s perspective: it is not a problem you should be worried about, nevertheless I want to know if it is there. And then: is the 5D Mark III the only canon digital body that is (possibly) affected by the light-leaking issue I reported in my previous post? At canonrumors they decided to test all the Canon bodies they have in stock. Results in short…:

  • EOS 60D no issue
  • EOS 7D no issue
  • EOS 1D Mark IV – some issues and no backlight issue on one body, no issues on another body
  • EOS 5D Mark II – same issue in direct sunlight, no LCD backlight issue, no flashlight issue
  • EOS 5D Mark III – reported issues confirmed, but then… (quoting CR):
    • «The final test I did with the 5D Mark III was take the lens cap off and meter off a relatively neutral wall. I turned on the backlight and nothing changed. I then pressed a 130 lumen flashlight up against the top LCD and the exposure didn’t change. I also ran the flashlight around the camera body and absolutely nothing changed»
Once more: this is not an issue that should make you return your 5D Mark III or make you change your mind about this outstanding camera.
[via CR]
  • Dan

    I think the $3500 price tag will be more of a road block from people. :p

  • I have tested my Canon EOS 5D-Mark III and the mentioned problem does not exist. No issue either with our Canon EOS 7D.

  • JLJL

    The light leak is a very REAL problem that will affect your images in many situations:

  • SDaniella

    Light leak is only relevant to those still metering light the old way using the old style light sensor, and affects only AE modes, if firmware not updated to bypass sensor exposure reading autolock before light lcd turned on. (simple solution for an old style slower/slowest method anyway)

    Since Canon has been offering ExpSim live preview, light (full image DR) is now metered faster via image sensor directly alone, since ExpSim LV arrived with 20Da, and newer, and the old conventional light sensor is totally ignored or bypassed entirely, in Full Manual modes. (one literally could remove the old conventional light meter sensor and get perfectly chosen predictible exposures first-time-right instantly for 100% of the shots in Manual, w/o any firmware update required.

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