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Official Canon EOS M2 Video (AF comparison with EOS M), Pre-Order Possible in JP

Canon’s new mirrorless camera , the EOS M2 has been announced a few days ago.

Found this video (YouTube user kOrBeN DaLlOz) and it looks like an official Canon Japan product video. It is mostly about the auto-focus of the EOS M2, and there are AF performance comparisons with the EOS M.

The EOS M2 is available for pre-order at Amazon JP, but will not ship out of Japan. The EOS M is on sale for $299 (click here).


  • peevee

    I bet EOS M in comparison had original firmware.

    • Admin

      mee too, was thinking the same

  • jw48335

    Yawn! The NEX-5 came out 4 years ago. What’s the point of this thing?

    Disclaimer – I own an EOS-M, but only as a cheapo backup body.

    • Sky

      The same as every other of the NEX-3 series camera which is a direct competitor. But if it’s good enough to compete with NEX-5 than I guess Canon got the winner here. ;)

  • NCamera

    Is canon for real!
    The comparison wasn’t even a second apart
    The new M2 so called speed could have been done with a firmware update on the first
    I call hogwash own this test.
    All you get for an extra $300-$400 is wifi and a millisecond quicker speed.?
    Not worth it.
    Step it up Canon.
    The clock is ticking.

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