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Olympus OM-D EM-5 vs Canon EOS M Auto Focus Comparison

Yes, the EOS M’s AF is way slower than the EM-5’s AF. It’s a pity on an otherwise such well performing camera as the Canon EOS M. Tomek Kulas at wanted to know how much slower than the EM-5. The video above shows a simple test: pointing both cams to the same subject and using touch-to-shoot.

Canon please give us a firmware update that fixes the issue!!

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  • Bob B.

    Wait…what is that over on the Oly..oh…oh….I think it’s a viewfinder?…isn’t it??? :-)

  • WT21

    EOS M is a non-starter until the fix this (among other issues)

  • Steve

    What’s with the extra blackout after every shot on the EOS M.

    • PP

      That’s the blackout delay between playback and liveview. Again, much slower than OMD. If you watch close, OMD does the same, but barely noticeable.

      Canon, what are you doing?

  • One More Thought

    Canon needs to learn what Apple seems to know: that tech products need to feel quick and responsive in order to really succeed in the market. How a product feels does matter to the buying public.

    Canon should know by now that people want a camera that has a fast and responsive AF; and there’s no reason why Canon cannot deliver that right now in a mirrorless camera.

    • Steve

      Maybe they want to clearing differentiate performance between the EOS M line and their DSLRs.

  • CanonEOSPunk

    Move along everyone, nothing to see here…

    Canon screwed the pooch on this one, next release will be marginally better, at best :(

    Go get a Rebel T4i for your best bang with Canon lenses.

  • Purzo

    May be it’s speed as AF from Offline OM-D to online and shot.

  • FMJ

    is this Joke of the day? : )

    with this kind of speed, might as well MF….. total failure by Canon. response is slow too, priced high as well, sigh….

  • mjp

    …i’m not a canon fanboy but this is gen 1, remember olympus’ gen 1 pen camera? number 1 complaint – AF speed. Also sony’s gen 1 ILC, slow focus. If all is the same, canon will issue a firmware that improves AF speed, but only slightly. The next generation will double AF speed or fix it altogether.

  • Eroz18

    Looking at this video, I think that Canon EOS M captures real-looking images compared to Olympus OMD EM-5, which shows more saturated colors on its images.

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