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[Review] Canon EOS 1D-X vs Nikon D4 – And The Winner Is…

Kai and the crew at DigitalRev compared Canon’s and Nikon’s flagships: the EOS-1D X vs the Nikon D4. Sort of Battle of the Titans :-). So, if you want to learn which one is better, then have a look at this 11:32min video. Funny as usual. Check the following shops to order the EOS 1D-X: Amazon US (click here), DigitalRev (click here), Adorama (click here) and B&H (click here). The usual list price is $6,799.

EOS 1D-X price check: Amazon USA, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA


  • PeterF

    no suprise the 1D X wins here…. if only canon had something fullframe in the below 2000$ range. and NO the 5D MK2 does not really count for me.

    it´s still a great camera.. sure. but time moves on and 4 year old technology is nothing i will buy today.

    i don´t buy a 4 year old CPU today… even when it is “good enough” for me.
    if i spend my money i want to spend it on the latest technology… get the MOST for my money not ENOUGH.

    • Dan

      Buying a 4 year old CPU is a little different. On a CPU, not only does technology change to make the CPU better, but advances to software and the items running on the CPU are also advancing simultaneously requiring a better CPU to run the new software at the same pace. With imaging, the image stays the same with time. Rooms are not getting darker, sports are not moving faster, and the dynamic range needed to capture a scene will never change. That is why 40 year old film cameras still capture amazing photos. Still, it is always nice to have newer tech, but it is not nearly as bad to buyer older pro cameras. Though certain features of older cameras are still limiting such as the 9pt crap af of the 5DII and slower shooting speeds which are the only reasons I did not part with my 7D for it but will for the 5DIII

      • Ryan

        I agree. Older cameras are still great cameras. The newer ones just make them look bad.
        I have a 1dmk3…its a great camera(i got it for cheap). It takes great pics. I doubt the 1dx would give me any better pics. But in 5-7 years im sure i’ll have one! :)

  • Keith

    Which one wins? The model in White – wow :-)

    • Flex

      I disagree. The model is white is a little cuter, but Luna definitely had better “assets”.

      Oh and props to the 1DX for a decisive win at least in that comparo.

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