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[Review] Canon EOS M Production Model Reviewed By Engadget (IQ superb, AF not so much) – Update

Update: If you can’t wait to get the EOS M you can find it on eBay (click here) and on Amazon Japan (click here).

Now that the Canon EOS M (click here for specs and kits) is shipping in Japan (and other parts of Asia) Engadget got a Canon EOS M production model reviewed and felt the pulse of Canon’s somewhat timid (some may say half-hearthed) approach to mirrorless system cameras.

Don’t get me wrong, the EOS M is an excellent little camera sporting an 18MP APS-C sensor and all the latest of Canon’s digital photographic technology, and it can mount the whole range of  the outstanding EF lens line-up. At the EOS M’s core you’ll find a lot of the technology employed in Canon’s DSLR line-up. The sensor, the touchscreen and user interface, the cpu and more are shared with the Rebel T4i/EOS 650D DSLR. Nevertheless, while having a price tag of $799, there are some shortfalls that let us a little puzzled. Auto focus is not as quick as you may expect (or want). The AF issue was known, but so far tested only in pre-production models. It’s sad to learn that it didn’t change in production models. This is probably the most criticized shortfall of Canon’s mirrorless attempt. And even if it will be cause some passionated flamewars in dedicated forums, this is an annoyance and not a real problem. Not enough problem for me: I am looking to get an EOS M for a trip I am planning in November.

The other one, already discussed issue, is the missing of a more powerful control dial (something you may miss, especially if you are accustomed to Canon’s DSLR’s, even if entry level). Liking or not liking to have to interact with a touchscreen is a subjective matter. I for myself prefer control dials. But that’s just me.

Enough of the bad news. Image quality is superb (as you can easily see in the samples), high ISO performance is as excellent as always with Canon (12800, 25600 expanded). Low light performance, sharpness, dynamic range are all outstanding. Just check the review. The EOS M is not disappointing if you are looking for outstanding IQ in a compact body.

The real question is: could Canon have done it better? And if yes, why didn’t they do?

Get Engadgets interesting and not always generous (towards Canon) review clicking here.

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  • Gunnar

    i`m surprised this actually shows up here, but you somehow manage to make even this review sound good ;) its the most critical camera review on engadget i`ve seen so far and only underlines how far behind Canon is in their mirrorless attempt.. i bet if you ever handled any of its competitors (same price range) you would not want to touch this. even for EF lenses there is better alternatives.

    • Admin

      I agree: probably one of the most critical camera reviews seen on Engadget. I like the IQ potential of the EOS M, the APS-C sensor, the low light performance. AF isn’t a real problem for me. The question remains: could Canon have done it better. I guess yes. Engadget’s review points out some marketing/strategical issues, they’re right. I’m looking forward to get an EOS M soon. Will tell you my experience.

      • Dossen

        You are obviously a Canon fanboy, so you will like it because Canon made it.
        Everyone else who throroughly compares APC-S and similar mirrorless offerings will most likely abstain from buying this camera for three reasons:
        1) Canon will not support the M lens lineup like they support their EF mount lineup (see the how they said they don’t need a M lens roadmap).
        2) The competition offers more lenses designed for mirrorless, more features in camera bodies and better prices.
        3) Buying EF lenses is not an option for people who start with the M system because it simply kills usability.

  • eglin

    I would by the body …299 $

    • Bob B.


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