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[Review] EOS 5D Mark III Gets a Third Degree (by DPreview)

DPreview eventually published its 30 pages review (conclusion here) of the EOS 5D Mark III. I won’t anticipate too much here, just point out that the 5D3 has a “very sophisticated AF system with lots of fine-tuning potential and you’ve […] a super-flexible photographic tool that will get the job done on a wide range of assignments“, and that:

It quickly becomes obvious that the Mark III is a totally new camera with significant improvements over its predecessor. The new model takes many user interface elements of Canon’s flagship APS-C DSLR the EOS 7D and combines them with a 22MP full-frame CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing high quality output up to very high sensitivities.

Nevertheless, at DPreview they didn’t like everything the 5D3 has to offer:

We’re disappointed by how the 5D Mark III renders detail in JPEG files, and low-contrast details […] look rather mushy […]. At higher ISOs, noise reduction is more aggressive […] than we would like, resulting in comparatively clean but disappointingly soft images […]. The 5D Mark III’s sensor is capable of excellent results but if you want to get maximum detail you’ll have to shoot and convert raw files.

Well, if you want to get maximum detail you have to shot RAW with any camera. The review has a page dedicated to the video features of the EOS 5D Mark III (made by the people of EOSHD, see video above, click here to read their opinion on the 5D3 video features). For those who are in a hurry: click here for the high ISO review, here for the HDR mode, IQ high ISO comparison here, RAW IQ comparison here. Finally, the EOS 5D Mark III got 82 points out of 100, same as the Nikon D800.

World-wide EOS 5D Mark III availability and order (or pre-order, outside the US) options:

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  • spidey

    I think Canon is some kind of disappointing for me. After almost 18 years of Canon equipment the fail of this company is bigger that Nikon’s fail. Delayed eos 1DX, low contrast jgg files at eos 5DMK3,bad af at previous models and higher prices.What can i do now?

  • Bob B.

    I have one question to anyone who would buy a $3500 camera body: Why would you EVER shoot jpegs?????
    EVER??????????????????????????? That is why you have your Pink Barbie Camera.

    I will be buying the 5DIII in June…the price absolutely sucks but it is a tool I must own.

    • Sean

      There are many photographers that snap hundreds of photos of day. They need a camera that requires very little touch-up applied after it’s jpeg engine. These photos are not meant to be hung on 30″ canvas, but emailed to local newspapers and added to brochures.

      Raw would just take up extra space, require more time in post, and slow them down.

      Also, there are top of the line wedding photographers that shoot jpeg. Raw is great, but not the end all be all.

      • Bob B.

        If you are shooting a wedding and using jpeg…you are going to get ZERO detail in the bride’s dress.
        My point an $800 camera. I have had a 5DII for three years…I have NEVER shot a jpeg with it….,…
        If I am going to take the time to make an image ….I am not doing myself the diservice.

  • Luis Santos

    I have just an old Canon T1i, and find no reason to shoot a picture on it in JPEG.

    All DSLR owners should exclusive shoot on RAW. Always. That´s is a DSLR is intended for.

  • As a wedding photographer,I never shoot jpeg.Not even Jpeg+Raw.

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