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Scott Bourne and the 5D Mark III

This is the most hilarious review about Nikon’s D800 I’ve ever read. Scott Bourne reviews it, and while doing the review he praises the EOS 5D Mark III. Funny. Needless to say: he also considers the AF of the 5D Mark III superior to the AF featured on the D800. The lower price tag is also demystified, since having a 36MP sensor means having bigger files, and that means you eventually have to invest in new computer equipment: […] you better also plan on buying more and larger hard drives, a faster computer and more and larger memory cards. The files coming off the camera are at least 40 megabytes. Do the math! […] that means you’ll need three times the hard drive space and three times the camera memory. Add that to the cost of the camera and it’s not quite the bargain it appears to be compared with the 5D MK III. Also – get used to going for coffee while your images import.

About the Auto-Focus: The Nikon D800 also has a few small problems. Its autofocus doesn’t work as expected. It seems to do an initial grab and then fine tune. The AF on the D800 is in my opinion, inferior to the AF on the 5DMKIII.

[via photofocus]

  • Bob B.

    WOW…Scott Bourne makes a lot of really good points. I wouldn’t have switched as I recently framed some (for me) larger prints for a gallery and I was wowing at the detail, (5DMarkII all shot at ISO200. I am even on the fence about buying a 5DIII). I got to thinking about the Nikons huge files and on that point alone…as Scott says….I just don’t need them, or all of the equipment and time it would take to work with them. I would need a tower computer..Larger faster cards, etc…and if you look at that…the Nikon camera is REALLY expensive. Also..I have seven top-end lenses totaling about $12,000. So I would have to off-load them and buy all new at even higher prices. Just from a time standpoint, buying and setting up a new computer system, selling all my lenses, researching the Nikons or equivalents (hmmm..I WOULD have sharper wide-angle lenses LOL), and I do not even want to think about how much of my precious time is involved! I, like Scott, (he convinced me even more), don’t think the Nikon is a bad camera..It’s just not the the camera for me. (I can finally let some megapixels go…ahhhh.).

    • Frank

      Good point Bob!

      • Bob B.

        Frank..thanks for that review…I never would have seen it if you had not posted it!

        • Frank

          You’re welcome!

  • fongios

    this is really a stupid argument…. WOW SO the files are bigger so with 500$ u would spend much more in a new computer. Then id rather buy an old imac for 50$ and a 6mpixel camera for 50$ then i will save 3400 dollar from not buying the 5dMKIII!!!!!

  • Bill_K

    I’m thinking that I may buy an used 5dmkII body so that I spare some money for upgrading my old MC to latest iMAC.

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