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Sensor Performance Comparison of 22 Canon DSLRs (updated)

Crop taken from ISO 1600 comparison – Image credit:

Update: as reader Eyal (thanks) correctly pointed out in the comment section, the credit for the images used in the comparison goes to Apologies for not having seen it.

Chinese site ZOL (translated) compared the sensor performance of 22 different Canon DSLRs, APS-C and full-frame, to see how much sensor performance improved over the years.

It is interesting to see how much sensor performance went to the better for APS-C sensors, especially for higher ISO settings. If you compare the crops shot at ISO 6400 you can clearly see how much better the EOS 70D performs if compared to older models, the 70D outperforms even the 7D. Differences appear to be less obvious for the full-frame DSLRs, though the improvement is visible.

Although you have to deal with automatic translation the post is definitely worth to have a look.

Comparative Sample 1
Comparative Sample 2
Comparative Sample 3

[via dslcamera]


  • Dudes,

    Give credit where credit is due –
    These images were taken from the image comparison of!


    • e

      Hey Eyal,
      can you add the link to the original post from
      I can’t open the full res pics in the Chinese site.

  • Hausen

    The 1DX looks superb.

  • Mr Nikon D800e

    Canon sensors are universally archaic and mediocre.

    • Dave

      The only thing archaic and mediocre here is your trolling.

  • Charles

    6D colors look washed out. It seems that the older sensors (7D, 5D MK II, 60D) may have more noise but the colors are more vivid.

    • Sky

      They had stronger CFA.
      It’s a trick Nikon been using for years – weak CFA allows better high-ISO performance (it’s visible especially in APS-C cameras).

      • Charles

        Interestingly the new Sony A7(r) seem to have stronger colors and a slightly weaker noise performance. I guess these “tricks” with CFA are just a symptom of stretching the borders of old sensor technology. With the next iteration of Canon sensors these “tricks” shouldn´t be necessary.

  • e

    am I the only one that can’t open the images in full res?

  • Grig

    Interesting that I do not see difference between 70D & 60D & 700D

    • Sky

      Buy a decent monitor. It really helps in seeing details on a photographs.
      Or perhaps you’re watching website on a smartphone?

      • Grig

        No, it tells me
        1. IQ difference between those cameras are really marginal. If IQ upgrade is needed – go FF, or improve your photo skills
        2. There could be difference between those cameras but you should not look for them in picture samples.

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