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Supercharged Canon EOS 5D Mark III Bundle For $3800

Supercharged Canon EOS 5D Mark III Bundle For $3800

Top rated ebay seller getitdigital has a supercharged Canon EOS 5D Mark III kit for $3,800 (click here to check the deal). The picture above gives an idea of the items in the bundle (the last two items come with every 5D3, do not count them). None of the lens is “L” grade (three lenses are Canon, one is image stabilized), yet a good and powerful starter kit that includes anything you need to leverage your photographic creativity. For a price that's just $300 more than the price the 5D Mark III had when it was released.


  • FF

    I want some Europe’s Deals ;(

  • Sean

    Most of that is junk.

  • Jzusuu

    will not work!!

    people are not stupid these days.

    if they want to sell that overpriced piece of gear they have to lower the price.
    adding some nonsense and bundle it will not make it attractive.

    • Ahmed

      completely agree with Sean and Jzusuu

  • Marck

    Not all crap. Lot of stuff in the bundle

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