Is Canon Set To Announce RF 15-30mm IS STM and RF 24mm f/1.8

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A new rumor with uncertain reliability surfaced from the deep corners of the interweb. Two new lenses are rumored: RF 15-30mm IS STM and RF 24mm f/1.8.

The rumor originated on 5channel, an anonymous bulletin board. The full list of rumored gear:

  • RF15-30mm IS STM (f number unknown)
    • EW-73E
    • E-67II
  • RF24mm F1.8
    • EW-65B
    • E-52II
    • LP1016
  • EW-73E

The lenses seem to be for full frame imaging sensors and might be budget lenses, given that they are driven by STM. Hard to say if this comes from an insider or is just bs spread on an anonymous forum. It has to be said that there are two Canon patents that seem to refer to these lenses. The patent applications refer to a RF 24mm f/1.8 and an RF 16-30mm f/4-5.6.

Any idea?

[via asobinet]