How To Convert Photos From Black&White To Color

Convert Photos

Did you know you can convert a black & white photo to a color photo?

Using the “Three Color Process” it’s possible to convert photos taken with a b&w film to a color photo, but it works also with digital photos (some Leica M10 user out there?).

It’s not particularly difficult to convert photos. You need i) filters, ii) a tripod, iii) a steady subject, and iv) either film or a digital camera. The 15 minutes video below by Jacob Carlson explains everything.

Table of content:

  • 0:00 – Kick-ass Intro
  • 1:30 – Get Red, Green, and Blue filters for your camera
  • 2:18 – Get a sturdy tripod
  • 2:54 – Keep subject still
  • 3:24 – Use contrasty film
  • 4:17 – The results!
  • 5:51 – Cameras used
  • 7:08 – How to combine the photos
  • 12:32 – What to avoid
  • 14:26 – The end bit

[via DIY Photography]