Canon EOS C300 Mark III undergoing tests in Japan and New Zealand (and a few new specs) [Cw2]

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III

A few days ago we were tipped that the Canon EOS C300 Mark III might be around the corner.

A few more bits get added. The source suggests the Canon EOS C300 Mark III is undergoing tests by select photographers in Japan and New Zealand. Adding the new bits to those we had, we get this list (new bits in emphasis):

  • new 6K sensor (though 4k video only
  • up to 120 fps in 4K, internal + external Raw
  • new developed on-sensor image stabilization
  • price tag above current C300 Mark II (will not be discontinued)
  • 4K internal
  • 6K raw
  • greater dynamic range than the EOS C300 Mark II
  • price over $20,000

I still rate it CW2 until I get some more intel. Stay tuned.

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