Canon Cinema EOS C200 Mark II Might Be Close To Release (April 2021)

Cinema EOS C200

Canon might soon release the Canon Cinema EOS C200 Mark II. April 2021 is the suggested date.

Canon Rumors reports that the Canon Cinema EOS C200 Mark II has these specifications:

  • Same sensor as the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III
  • RAW Recording
  • 4:2:2 10-bit
  • 4K 60P
  • 2K 120P
  • More a unibody design than the modular design of the C300 Mark III

NAB 2021 happens in April 2021, so it seems a good date to release the replacement for the Canon EOS C200.

Next Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 Firmware Might Eventually Bring 1080p/120fps Video

Canon EOS R6 Firmware

The last Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 firmware update was not what many were expecting. 1080p video at 120fps is rumored again, for the next firmware update.

Not sure if 1080p at 120fps is leaned more on the “wishful thinking” side or if it will really be implemented in a future firmware update. We think the chances are good the rumor is reliable. However, for the time being it’s murmured the the next EOS R5 and EOS R6 firmware update will deliver:

  • Canon Cinema RAW light addition
  • C-Log 3
  • 1080p @ 120fps

When can we expect to see this firmware update? Most likely somewhen between January and April 2021.

Stay tuned.

A Sum Up Of What To Expect From Canon For The EOS R Line-up In 2021

Canon Eos Line-up

More RF mount cameras are coming, so let’s sum up what we can expect Canon to bring to the EOS R line-up.

Please note that you won’t find new rumors in the list below. It is what most likely Canon will announce for the EOS R lineup in 2021:

  • Canon EOS RP replacement. Another entry level camera to be announced, said to be less expensive than the EOS RP. At least one Canon exec thinks that’s possible.
  • A camera to sit between the EOS RP replacement and the EOS R6. An EOS R Mark II seems to be unlikely.
  • An EOS R camera with APS-C imaging sensor. While we still have some perplexities about this rumor, it seems now to be assessed. Still, not sure if it makes any sense given the EOS M series.
  • A high resolution EOS R camera, maybe a high res EOS R5 version. No doubts here. This one is coming and it seems to already undergo field testing. It might have a sensor resolution of around 80MP.
  • And finally, we also expect Canon to release a flagship tier EOS R body, something that’s equivalent to the EOS-1D X Mark III.
  • To conclude, Cinema cameras with RF mount might also be on Canon’s 2021 release radat. A Cinema EOS C50 and EOS C90 might get announced.

No doubt that Canon is endorsing their EOS R system. Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors

A Canon EOS R With APS-C Sensor Coming 2021 (no EOS 7D III it seems)

Eos R With Aps-c

It appears Canon is indeed going to release an EOS R with APS-C sensor. Or at least with an RF mount.

Canon Rumors is rather confident that Canon will release a mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor in the EOS R lineup in the second half of 2021. While no specifications have been suggested so far, the camera will aim at sport photographers (as the EOS 7D lineup did) and videographers. Moreover, it seems it will be the smallest unit in the EOS R lineup. A newly developed imaging sensor with Dual Pixel AF II is also mentioned.

So, RF-S lenses also on Canon’s radar? Not clear for the time being. The rumor states that “there will be lenses that will suit both the APS-C and full-frame shooter” but also says “that there aren’t any plans for RF-S lenses“.

If Canon releases an EOS R mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor then it will clearly be the mirrorless replacement for the EOS 7D Mark II. I wonder if an EOS 7D Mark III would still make any sense in 2021.

We have always been very skeptical about an APS-C EOS R. It seems we could have been utterly wrong.

Stay tuned.

A Canon 8K Super 35mm Camera Undergoing Field Testing

Canon EOS R300 Canon 8k

We got an interesting tip (thanks) about a Canon 8K camera with a Super 35mm imaging sensor.

Not sure if the specifications we have been suggested apply to the rumored 8K Cinema cameras, or to another camera, maybe the Canon R300.

A Canon 8K camera with a Super 35mm imaging sensor is “in beta version” (we interpret this as undergoing field testing). These are the specifications:

  • 8K 3.2μm Super 35mm imaging sensor
  • High-Speed 3D
  • Dual Gain Output
  • Dual Pixel AF II
  • Dual Native ISO
  • DIGIC DV X (Faster AF, Faster I/O, Faster UI)
  • DCI 8K 60fps 12b RAW
  • 4K RGB (2-Green-pixel binning on sensor) 90fps 12b RAW Output

The source added that the camera has a “crazy image quality, higher IQ than HELIUM 8K S35 and VENICE 4K S35 mode in dark scenes“.

Ideas and comments welcome.