Canon EOS R High Resolution Camera Undergoing Field Testing [CW3]

Canon Eos R

We’re told that the next Canon EOS R camera is already field tested by a small group of selected photographers.

The next Canon EOS R camera will have a high resolution sensor. We expect Canon to announced the high resolution EOS R somewhen in Fall 2019. We still have no reliable information about the resolution but you can expect a sensor between 50MP and 70MP.

2020 is an Olympic year and our source suggests that Canon is looking to make a splash with their upcoming high resolution EOS R model. This leaves us somewhat puzzled since we do not believe professional photographers will embrace a mirrorless camera system for their work. Not yet. On the other hand, the Olympics might be a good stage to showcase a professional, high resolution mirrorless camera, especially if it introduces some cool and new technology. I guess it mainly depends on what features Canon will pack into their next full frame mirrorless camera.

A high resolution EOS R model is coming, that seems quite likely now.

Stay tuned.

This Is The Canon Rebel SL3 (Specifications and Leaked Images)

Rebel SL3

Images of the upcoming Canon Rebel SL3 leaked, courtesy of Nokishita.

Canon really managed to add some more confusion to their weird geo-dependent naming scheme. While it’s Rebel SL3 in the USA, the same camera is named EOS 200D Mark II in Southeast Asia (EOS 200D in Asia?), Kiss X10 in Japan, and EOS 250D in Europe. I suggest they fire someone in the marketing department. Release date is expected for April 25, 2019.

Machine translated specifications:

  • APS-C size equivalent CMOS sensor with about 24.1 million effective pixels
  • Video engine DIGIC 8
  • “Digital lens optimizer” installed in the camera
  • Equipped with “Auto Lighting Optimizer” that automatically corrects the brightness and contrast to a natural impression
  • “Dual pixel CMOS AF” evolved
    • It supports ranging area of ​​approximately 100% (vertically) x approximately 88% (horizontally) of the imaging surface
    • At the time of optional selection of AF area, it is possible to select from up to 3,975 positions
    • When AF area is automatically selected, ranging with up to 143 divisions is possible
  • Low brightness limit EV-4 is realized during live view shooting
  • During Live View shooting, “Puit AF” is activated to detect the subject’s pupil with pinpoint and focus on Servo AF / Movie Servo AF setting as well.
  • Equipped with “one spot AF”
  • Capable of 4K (24p / 25p) high-definition movie shooting
  • It is equipped with “4K frame cutout” which saves any one frame as a JPEG image of about 8.3 million pixels only by camera operation
  • At the time of movie photography, camera shake correction of five axes is possible at the time of wearing of correspondence lens by the use of gyro sensor
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Size: 122.4 x 92.6 x 69.8 mm
  • Weight: Black / Silver 402g · White 404g (body only), Black / Silver 449g · White 451g (CIPA compliant)
  • Kit: Body (Black), Lens Kit (Black, White, Silver), Double Zoom Kit (Black)
  • Expected release date: April 25, 2019
  • Image is black and white 200D II for Southeast Asia, Silver is Kiss X 10
    • The name is Rebel SL3 in the United States, 250D in Europe, and 200D in Asia.

Canon Rebel SL3 To Be Announced Soon, Leaked Certification Data Suggests

Rebel SL2 SL3

EDIT: The name in Japan appears to be Kiss X10 and the announcement is likely to happen within this week.

We can expect the Canon Rebel SL3 to be announced soon. The Rebel SL3 is EOS 250D in Europe and Kiss X9 in Asia.

Nokishita spotted wireless certification data that lists all upcoming Rebel SL3 kits. See image below.

rebel sl3

Stay tuned.

What To Expect From Canon In 2019

Canon Rumors Eos R Full Frame Mirrorless

Canon announced their mirrorless system, two models are on the market. What’s next for the Japanese industry giant?

Predictions about Canon’s agenda have become quite difficult since the company is pretty secretive. However, some predictions can be made.

In general, Canon will focus on updating product lines and launching new ones, like the ZV-123 instant camera with built-in printer.

Three new PowerShot G series cameras might be announced. We expect the PowerShot G7 X Mark III, PowerShot G5 X Mark II and PowerShot G9 X Mark III to get announced within 2019. Stuff leaked about the PowerShot G7 X Mark III, almost nothing about the other two cameras.

The Canon EOS 80D and EOS 7D Mark II are also ready to be replaced. Rumor has it that Canon may launch one new camera to replace both the EOS 80D and the 7D Mark II. The replacement for the EOS 80D appears to be more likely to be announced this year, we are less confident about the EOS 7D Mark III. Some new Rebels are most likely also on Canon’s agenda. Finally, new Cinema gear and camcorders can be expected to be launched in 2019. We do not think Canon will announced the replacement for the EOS -1D X Mark II in 2019.

A new EOS R model is possible in 2019, although rumors suggest Canon will not announce a new EOS R model. If they do, it will be a high resolution EOS R camera. There are also six new RF lenses Canon already announced they will develop. These six new RR lenses might well be announced in 2019.

And the EOS M system? A new EOS M model is possible in 2019, though we didn’t get any hints so far.

Stay tuned.

Source: Canon Rumors