In2white is a 365-Gigapixel Panorama of Mont Blanc, shot with a Canon EOS 70D

Italian photographer Filippo Blengini contacted us to share an amazing project he led and contributed to realise. In2white, the project’s name, produced the largest panoramic photo ever made.

The team led by Filippo Blengini spent 2 weeks on 3.500 meters (around 11.500 ft) to shot 70,000 photos of the Mont Blanc (Europe’s highest mountain), for a total of 35 hours (most of the time at -10 degree Celsius). The 365 gigapixel, high resolution photo can be viewed (and zoomed in) here. Can you spot the climbers?

The project was realised in 2014. The team then spent around 2 months for post-processing the 46 terabytes of footage they have shot. You may wonder what gear they used: a Canon EOS 70D, a Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 II IS, and a Canon Extender 2X III.

Filippo and his team mates describe the concept:

How to celebrate Her Majesty the Mont Blanc? We just wished to represent it as it shows to our eyes : major beauty, astonishing magnitude, pure elation.

We were brave, crazy and ambitious enough to think about a gigapanoramic picture, to seize every single detail of the mountain. We are Filippo and Alessandra, passionate of mountain, beauty and photography: here’s our concept, our tribute to the Mont Blanc.

But we were not alone in this challenge: we built a Team of dreamers and passionates from all over the World, that shared with enthusiasm our same vision and embraced our project.

Below you can watch a short video about the making of the 365-Gigapixel panorama photo.

[via Filippo Blengini via In2white]