Is The Canon EOS R10a Canon’s Next Mirrorless For Astrophotography (2023?)

Canon Eos Ra Astrophotography

Is Canon set to release a Canon EOS R10a camera for astrophotography? That’s suggested in a rumor we got.

The no longer available Canon EOS 60Da was the last astrophotography-dedicated camera with an APS-C sensor Canon released (in 2012). Then we got the little talked about Canon EOS Ra (released at the end of 2019 and also no longer available). It’s a mistery to me why the EOS Ra was so neglected by reviewers and users.

Is the next Canon camera for astrophotography on its way? Maybe it is. The rumor we are reporting comes from a known source but there is no clear indication of a release date and some things might have got lost in translation. We consider the rumor to have some likelihood to be reliable yet recommend you apply an appropriate amount of salt. The fact that the EOS Ra has already reached end of life might be a sign that the rumor is not just a fantasy.

As for the announcement, from the message we got we understand that it will not happen in 2022. Some indications in the message point to an announcement in Q1/Q2 2023. Time will tell.

Specifications-wise you might expect the same as in the EOS R10 with the exception of the removal of low pass filters on the imaging sensor and the usual tricks to get the right wavelengths for astronomy photography.

Stay tuned.